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Year Walk is paid iOS app published by Simogo AB



No way nearly as good as The Room. You can finish without completing all puzzles.



This is an amazing game and definitely worth the money. The story, visuals, and music are outstanding and fit the mood perfectly. The games isn't very long, but the puzzles and atmosphere make up for that problem. The game should only take about a hour and a half to complete your first time. Make sure you also get the companion app so you can learn more about the folklore behind the game and find the code for an alternate ending.

Bloody puzzle


Definitely a puzzle, some steps took a while to understand. It was actually more aggravating than fun. I really disliked like the suicide-like ending as that is not a positive message to relay, especially in a game. In general I don't mind a little blood and glory; however, in this game I did not enjoy it's theme.



I love EVERYTHING about this game! I really wish it were longer. If you guys were to make a sequel, it might be the only sequel I'd ever pay money for. Thank you for this gorgeously creepy game!

Hated it


This game was on my wish list for so long I finally got around to purchasing it. Why with all the great reviews why not? It seemed to start out great, like Limbo- a dark backstory. But then there's nothing to solve. Or am I doing it wrong? I keep traveling through the town but there's nothing to solve, no commands to control my character, no evils to defeat. I've downloaded to companion app but I've already lost interest in this beautiful but frankly boring game.

No sound


Paid 4 dollars for an app that doesn't have sound.

Crap App!!!

Deboe J.

Highly disappointed!!!!!!! Don't waste your time or money on this crap! Sorry, but it is what it is.

Words cannot describe


This game is a work of art. The beautiful yet creepy atmosphere, the art style, and the story. All of it just amazing. Gives you very little backstory but just enough so you understand it. The game presents a situation which is relatable ( venturing into a calm yet spooky forest ) but keeps you disconnected from the characters in a way that makes you feel as though you are having a dream, participating in the occurrences yet not able to ultimately control them or the outcome. The game presents simple puzzles that are rewarding but don't take you out of the game too much. Playing with headphones is wonderful due to amazing sound design and positioning. Lack of dialogue allows you to interpret characters in your own way. If you like games that hold your hand and explain everything then this isn't for you. However for me personally I found it to be amazing and haven't found a game to top it since. Overall just fantastic. Do wish it was longer. I did play through it without the handbook. Only discovering the handbook after finishing my "walk".

Great game


Unique in a great way...the companion app draws you in even further (on a realistic level) that adds an extra creepiness to the started to freak me out reading more and more of the diary...and the game is well polished with a perfect choice in art direction and graphical style for this kind of story. Extremely early innovative game on iOS.

Totally worth it.


This riveting masterpiece takes you through an adventure that cannot be explained with words. It's unnerving puzzles and iconic scenes truly makes this game unique. It's creepy storyline blurs The line between reality and the game itself. The backstory is the story itself they cannot be differentiated. The only way to simplify it is the history of the universe itself. The key to the game is curiosity. jamie age 8