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In the old days man tried to catch a glimpse of the future in the strangest of ways.
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Games $3.99 Simogo AB iPhone, iPad, iPod

Experience the ancient Swedish phenomena of year walking through a different kind of first person adventure that blurs the line between two and three dimensions as well as reality and the supernatural.

Venture out into the dark woods where strange creatures roam, on a vision quest set in 19th century Sweden. Solve cryptic puzzles, touch and listen in your search to foresee the future and finally discover if your loved one will love you back.

Mysteries and clues await everywhere in Year Walk, but to fully understand the events that took place on that cold New Year's Eve, you will have to delve deeper than the adventure and lose yourself between fact and fiction.

For the complete Year Walk experience, or if you're curious about the folk lore on which Year Walk is based, we recommend downloading Year Walk Companion, available for free on the App Store.

"An iOS game like nothing else you’ve seen on the format to date.
This is a brave and truly original work"
Edge - 9/10

"Elegant and artful, Year Walk is an unmissable piece of work.
You can close the app and put down the phone, but the forest may spread beyond its glassy confines, its spindly, silver-skinned trees taking root in your own home, your own dreams."
Eurogamer - 9/10

"A game this distinctive, this different, this thrillingly new is the best possible demonstration of the format’s versatility; indeed, of the narrative power of the interactive medium. Simogo has made something very special here."
The Telegraph - 5/5

"It's a gripping, somber, atmospheric, and elegantly-designed game, and everyone should play it.
I've never played anything quite like it."
Touch Arcade 5/5

"An incredible showcase for the potential of tablet games and will undoubtedly become influential over the next few years."
CVG - 9/10

"Simogo has packed Year Walk with a hefty share of spine-tingling jump scares, but it’s these external trappings that cause the game’s lore to get under your skin and stick with you long after your phone or tablet has been turned off."
Gamezebo - 4,5/5

"Year Walk is smart, thrilling, and absolutely stunningly crafted. It'll throw you for a loop, leaving you transfixed to the screen until you shake out all of its dark secrets."
Mac|Life - 5/5

"As with any good page-turner, you won't want to put this game down until you get to the end. It's quite a journey, too. Year Walk is a beguiling adventure, and a truly memorable experience."
Pocketgamer - 8/10


Refund please

I LOVE puzzle games and this one was a huge disappointment. The navigation is confusing and you have no real sense of detection. You wonder around aimlessly in hopes to find anything that makes sense. I don’t like having to look up walkthroughs to get past areas or in this case see what the hell I'm even supposed to be doing. I found the creepy doll and the owls in the tree where you’re given no clue as to how you get back out of the darn tree. This is where I needed to look up where to go. I got out, was given a key and now I’m over it. This game will be deleted from my phone. What a waste.

So good I tattooed the logo on my arm
Philip Cross

This is by far the best iPhone game I have ever played in my entire life. The depth of the story, the twists and turns, the eerie vibe of the forest, the puzzles, everything comes together to create an experience that will stick with you for a very long time. In fact, it will stick with ME for the rest of my life. I have a tattoo of the game’s logo (the minimalist goat head) on my inner forearm. It was my first ever tattoo and I haven’t regretted it once. That’s how good this game is, and how much the message contained within means to me. The overall message of the game is very deep and thoughtful, which I appreciated. The future is not something we should know!

Orientation should NOT be fixed!

You can only play this oriented one way. It doesn’t work with my set up. Simply thoughtless to not have that option after charging four bucks. I have not begun to play and I’ve already been put off this game.

Blah blah blah12748274

an amazing game, i just wish it was longer

Very fun, but-

There needs to be more to the game. The animation and the story, and the fact that it’s all based on old Swedish folklore, is really cool. However, I felt that it ended way too soon. I will pay more if you add more to the game!!! By the way, for those of you considering playing or for those of you who have played but feel something’s missing, GET THE COMPANION APP! It gives some really good background to the story and characters. But as I’ve previously stated, the biggest issue is that it is WAY too short. Love everything else about it.

Short short short

For the price of the game, it is WAYY to short. I really regret buying this game.

Angry Yaya

Paid $4, downloaded the companion, figured out the code for the box, opened the box and got the ending credits! Feel like I totally wasted my $

Very fun, but-

There needs to be more to the game. The animation and the story, and the fact that it’s all based on old Swedish folklore, is really cool. However, I felt that it ended way too soon. I will pay more if you add more to the game!!!

Beautiful Work of Art

Gorgeous artwork and music, challenging puzzles, and skillful weaving of mythology into a compelling story. I’m hooked!

Frustrating and confusing

10 minutes into the game and I’m completely lost. I’ve tried every possible path I can find and have searched for 2 hours. Save your time and money