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Year Walk is paid iOS app published by Simogo AB

Best game

Silver tails

Ive played a lot of games and this one really got me it was beautiful and i loved playing it the way it was a mix of a horror and a story made me happy please make more i really enjoyed playing it

Im not fake or a bought reveiw


Ok so i still dont undertsand the story but the graphics the couple of jump scares those got me and how the puzzles were just right on difficulty it was on point yeah a little short and all but the sounds the graphics the puzzle the feel its worth the 1$


Hey what's up dood

Great graphics, amazing storyline, and relatively long gameplay. Honestly this is one of my favorite games.

Good art, bad energy


this app is EXTREMELY cursed. downloaded it and played it for maybe ten minutes before being overwhelmed by negative energy. great art and interesting gameplay, but most certainly cursed. will likely haunt me for ages.



this game is pretty good and the challenges are different for everyone, for me they were hard but if you read other reviews they will say a number of different things about the difficulty of the challenges... it is very good but it isn't worth a dollar because it took me 15 minutes to play, and it is not fun to play again. I think the main reason it was fun for me in the first place is because I was playing it while watching PewDiePie's play through. He made it fun to watch. If you want this game, just watch his videos on it.. it's basically the same thing but cheaper. Please just... don't.



So creepy!

honestly... what


I really don't understand this game. There is no plot, or at least it is not explicitly stated anywhere throughout the app. The so-called 'puzzles' or games are just beyond me. There's no rules, no steps, no clues, no nothing. You basically have to cheat, and when you're done you don't even know if you're done our not. The game just ends all of a sudden.

Not a fan


For an"atmospheric game" it rated very highly. However, the story was so obliquely told, it became near impossible to understand. Games shouldn't need to have another app downloaded that explains the background and reason for its existence. Rather, these elements of story should be carefully woven into the fabric of the game.

Spooky; but just remember...


A very well done puzzle game. It actually made me jump a couple times. However, there is one important thing to realize. It took me maybe an hour to beat the game and I was a little confused by the overall plot and ending. But there is a companion app (free!) that makes it make more sense. But you need to beat the game first! (You'll see why...)

Nice game,Sad story


It is a nice game, but I get lost several times. It might be better if I can have a map. The idea for companions is amazing. It makes this story looks so real. The story is sad. I am sad either.😩