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Year Walk is paid iOS app published by Simogo AB

Awsome game!


I love this game so much and love the story and puzzles!😊😊

iPhone X


Fun game, pretty creepy.

One of my favorite games

(ΰΌŽΰΊΆκˆŠΰΌŽΰΊΆβ•¬) oh asjeblieft!

The art and music are absolutely beautiful, this game will forever be one of my favorites

A very different point and click game. Love it!


Beautiful and eerie, and a little disturbing, but so fascinating. What a great experience. I had not played anything like this before. The graphics are interesting and remind me of paper cut-outs. The way you move about the scenes is interesting. This game will make you curious to keep playing.

Absolutely Craptastic!!!


I have no idea why there are so many good reviews for this terrible game. "Mind Blowing," "Best App Ever," "Masterpiece,""Awesome." Give me a break! Have any of these reviewers played ANY games EVER?! I have never written a bad review for a game that I've purchased online, and I actually feel swindled. I never wanted $5 back in my pocket more, than with this "game." (Spoilers) Here's the entire game: Walk around aimlessly in the snow, discover some weird & NOT scary animals/objects/people, solve the puzzles involving them, 2 lame and unnecessary jump scares and after an hour or so (yes very short game) you realize there was absolutely NO point or fun at all. The whole "story" behind this pile of crap deals with time travel. Well, I wish I could travel back in time and never play it. Seriously, stay away from this [email protected]



Great game love everything about it. Scary in some ways but also exiting. I am really disappointed that the companion doesn't work for me, but the game itself is amazing

Creepy af

Internet drug

Get this game it's cool



I have never written a review for an app and have been using iPhones since the 3G. This was truly amazing. Read the free ebook first, then read through the companion app, then play this and go back to the companion after you finish. Everything comes together so well. The story could be a great movie in a similar style to Donnie Darko. I really liked Device 6, but this is a whole different level of story and immersion. Very good work team and please keep it up.



What an experience! For such a small price, this is one of the coolest games ever. Beautiful video and audio, and the lack of instructions makes the experience of exploration totally unique.

Get it if you don't have a PC

Ara von Niv

The PC version is one of my favorite games of all time. This version is also great! It does leave out a few things from the PC version, making it a little shorter... And to enjoy the game you have to download the companion app... But other than that it's really great!