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Year Walk is paid iOS app published by Simogo AB

app store sell out

luke lane

yet ANOTHER plug from the app store for this developer and its boring games. they all have been featured and they all are the same boring idea built on the same boring engine. with so many other great developers on app store to choose from, this is obvious favoritism.

One of the best apps


Amazing design and an eerie mood with creepy sounds give you an interesting feel. I suggest playing this in a dark, quiet room. I’ve beat this game many times and it’s fun doing it again just because the experience is so enjoyable.

A great game!


This is one of the best iOS game I’ve ever played! It has an intriguing game play that pulls you along through a bizarre storyline. I really loved the folk lore and unique gameplay/design. Highly recommended!

Profound and eerie


This is one of my favorite games of all time. Possibly better than Device 6. Run don’t walk to play Year Walk.

I don't get it?


I opened the box after reading through the companion. It took me 20 minutes and that's it! That's all? Credits role! For $3.99?! I want an explanation and /or my money back!

Very good


It’s amazing! There is one problem though.. I NEED A MAPPPP!! I can’t figure out how to find the last baby!!

Buyer beware!


This allows me to do nothing but see a screen and walk a few steps. I finally go in a windmill talk to a girl then she says leave you leave and are stuck on the snow after that it doesn’t move anywhere else. There’s no instructions or anything to tell you what you are doing wrong, it’s extremely frustrating. I am deleting it before it causes me to damage me phone!

Definitely would recommend it to others


I bought this game years ago, but hadn’t played it till recently. The art is simple and beautiful, although some jump scares are included. The puzzles are relatively easy to figure out. Given its price, it’s a short game. However, when I finished reading the companion, I was totally dazzled by the intricacies of this game. Every detail in this game now makes sense, and the story is complete. It’s officially one of my favorite puzzle games.


Lenny Valentine

I always love books / games that put a new spin on old myths / folklore. This game does exactly that, and does so wonderfully. The dark and melancholy atmosphere depicts a smattering of folk creatures in a uniquely disturbing, sublime art style. As I’m a veteran adventure gamer, I also found the puzzles quite enjoyable. The use of the companion app and the endings were also quite fun. This game deepened my knowledge and interest in Swedish folklore, and I would highly recommend it to others.

Found it accidentally and loved it!


I was looking for a puzzle game that didn't have a time limit and came across Year Walk. Although I downloaded the companion, which helped, it's a completely intuitive game. I found myself somehow just knowing what came next. I would definitely recommend this game to anyone. It's an immersive puzzle game with a beautiful story.