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Tired of losing your keys, wallet, or phone? Make misplacing your belongings a thing of the past with TrackR!
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Attach one of the coin-sized TrackR devices to any item - then use the TrackR app to locate it in seconds. Quickly ring a missing wallet around the home or press the button on the TrackR to ring your phone on silent mode. TrackR's Crowd GPS Network enables you to even recover lost or stolen items on a map with GPS updates when another user walks by your missing item.

The Details:

- Quickly ring your lost item through the TrackR App

- Pressing the button on the TrackR device makes your phone ring - even on silent mode!

- Two-way separation alerts remind you to grab items before you leave them behind

- See your item's last connected location on a map

- TrackR's Crowd GPS Network automatically searches for your lost belongings at long range and updates you of its location when another user walks by your missing item.

- Wallet-thin design & composed of sleek anodized aluminum

See for more information.

Compatible Headsets: Any Bluetooth headset with audio streaming (A2DP)

Compatible Cars: Any car with Bluetooth audio streaming

Compatible with Bluetooth 4.0 Tags and Bluetooth Smart devices: Wallet TrackR, StickR TrackR, TrackR bravo

For a complete list of compatible devices go to

Works with Nest

Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.


Basically fell apart upon opening

I bought a pack of 3 and one wouldn’t connect to my phone and the other one quite literally fell apart as I popped it out of the package. 1 of 3 worked correctly. Horrible and cheaply made product.

Updates ruining devices

When my devices were 1st activated they worked great. 3 updates later and now my devices don’t function nearly as good as they did before updates. My trackers would ring my phone before the update and they would continue to ring until they were told to stop. Now they chime once and no longer ring my phone. Sad for me.

Customer Service
Gaviota Jr

I have sent various emails and NO response


It was a gift from Christmas but I need batteries to see how it works

1/4 trackers won’t connect

At first it worked now they won’t connect smh. Help !!!

Terrible Product
Mr. T.T.T.

If the TrackR worked as advertised it would be a great product, but it does not. I but several TrackR Bravos and TrackR Stickers a few years ago and the trackers didn’t really work well. But the best part is that I have these TrackRs in front of me right now without the batteries in them (batteries died about two years ago) and the TrackR App shows that the last seen location of these trackers as of June 16, 2020, at 20:22:12 hrs is in S.E.Asia. I am nowhere near that continent. How is that even possible? Good idea, but extremely bad execution.

Works Perfectly
No Response From Company

I almost never write reviews but the two star review of this app almost stopped me from purchasing this product. I’m genuinely confused about the negative reviews. I purchased eight trackers and was easily able to assign them to different items. When I lose one of the items I simply select that item from the menu on the app and it rings. If the item is out of distance, the app shows me the last location it was detected. It’s a super simple system but a really great value. This is an excellent app and an excellent product.

Complete Garbage

Got a 5 pack of TrackR Pixels. Can’t use app without creating an account. Can’t login without verifying email. Why? Anyway they don’t actually send the verification email. No it’s not in my spam filter. Had to do a forgot password to get around the issue. Anyway, finally got logged in... and all five batteries seem to be dead. All of them. CR2016s. Will be doing a chargeback.


Piece of junk. Won’t connect to iPhone. Avoid


I would give this a zero star if I could. I just received my new three pack of TrackR Pixels. I had a very difficult time getting my phone to recognize the device, and when it finally did I discovered that it couldn’t give me a battery reading. So I thought, “hey, maybe its battery is dead.” But you think I could open the case to check the battery? No way! Then my next frustration came while trying to discover how to use the app on my phone to ring the device (which I could never find out); I noticed that it was no longer synched with my phone, and couldn’t get it to synch. Seriously? One would think this would be a simple to set up, functional device. I confess I did wonder, at the very beginning, about that two-star rating for the app. I think that’s overly generous.

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