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This is a tale of a man who got tired of living in the restless city and moved to a small town by the sea. What he experiences in the "Town of Tides" changes him forever......
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Games Free Odencat Inc. iPhone, iPad, iPod

In this game, you can simply enjoy the story, with no battles nor puzzles.
Enjoy the retro atmosphere in pixels.



This is a really good game and I just love that it’s like a game that you wouldn’t usually find as a popular game but it has really good music and I liked that it’s like re-telling a story about an actual persons life and how that person(s) thinks and how peoples actions can do great things but how someone who has a cold heart but just doesn’t show it and shows happiness is actually a thing in the world that people can relate to and how the tree of hearts is how the people feel and are without happiness and how one persons actions effects how people feel at the end but the one thing that I love the most is the music and how it can be calming, silly, and sad/scary and it makes me think of all of the happy times and all of the hard times in life that I have so it makes me happy even when I can relate to what happens in my life’s the game


This beautiful story was marvelous and heart touching. There aren’t enough words to describe the mix of emotions that I felt while “watching” this story. The game play was smooth and the design was wonderful. I would definitely recommend this to anyone.

Beautiful game
savina miranda

Honestly it’s one of my favorites now. Definitely worth playing! It’s heart touching.

Beautiful Game with a Beautiful Sotry

I can’t put into words the depth of this game’s story and meaning. It was an amazing, beautiful experience of healing for the mind and the heart.

Good and sad

The game is good and beautiful, with amazing pixel art (my personal favorite art is pixel art and the creators did an amazing job) story was slightly short but the story it told was beautiful. The two negative things for the game I say is 1 short like I already said and 2 the whole time the character thinks of committing sui***e. But the game is good otherwise. The only thing they should add is a secret ending

I'm sorry

I think I would like the app a lot more if it would let me in the game! I find this actually really sad because I really wanted to the game......

I loved this so much!

It was a really good game. It hit me right in the feels and I would highly recommend playing it!

Heart touching

It was deep and it can really open your eyes to see the true meaning of someone suffering. To me it seemed like the main character was going through his own problems but he didn’t really address them or care for his self being. He always helped even if he didn’t show any emotion or felt like he did it for good he did it for a reason and every single person in that game helped him open his eyes and the blue haired girl helped him and his withered tree to blossom even though he said it would never blossom... it is a beautiful story even though it may seem like the guy is rude and doesn’t care he does and it’s just really beautiful and I will never forget about this. This is truest an eye opener. Very beautiful book. Thank you for making this :)

Is real good but it’s to quick
team and win

Is good believe me but it’s just to short plz make more here are some things you should add more land I think there should be a island that you can get too stuff like that and I think yo should also be able to go past your home like to that part were you see your brother anyways very good game

Loved Game!!!

Town Of Tides was a really great game! Loved the story!!! This game makes you think about life, and it’s free too! This game is AMAZING, definitely one of the best games to play on a mobile device!

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