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5/5 rating based on 76 reviews. Read all reviews for Town of Tides for iPhone.
Town of Tides is free iOS app published by Daigo Sato

Nice game

Crest Love

Rather short but a wonderful story. I enjoyed it. Thank you



Very short, but not boring. If you like art from the first Zelda game era, congrats, you’ve found your game. However, this game might trigger certain players. It handles topics such as depression and suicide, so please only play if you are not susceptible to these topics.



So much emotion in this game it 😻

Loved it

del the gamer

The story was so good it almost made me cry I hope you guys make another one the end of the story was the best end I ever seen thank you guys for making the game



I love this game! It was amazing, but the only thing I would say is that I wish it was longer

GOOD but needs more story


It’s good more storyline tho please



This game really touched my heart, it made me understand what people go through sometimes; and it made me feel emotions I didn’t know I had inside of me. This game was so great and it made me think... Definitely suggest it to everyone!

I’m upset 😡


So I pre ordered this game and it hasn’t downloaded yet. All it says is pre ordered instead of get. If you know how to fix this please tell me.

NOT a game!


This isn’t a game ALL!! It’s a virtual story, a morbid one at that! Seriously there isn’t any game mechanics shouldn’t be advertised as one! This belongs in the book section or anywhere other than games.....false advertisement !!


I am a cow in a tree

This was such a great app. I mean where do I even start. The story was brilliant along with the artwork and characters. This was awesome and I highly recommend downloading this app.

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