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One day... a snowy day... you found yourself on a street called "Angel Road". You vaguely remembered that you were waiting for someone. Yet, nobody showed up forever. You decided to leave the place only to find yourself not being able to get out of the street.
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Games Daigo Sato iPhone, iPad, iPod

A short adventure game written by ImCyan. A short and thrilling JRPG style storytelling experience is waiting for you!


Brent Sanders Jr

This game blew me away with how awesome it was

Loved It!

Though it was short, it was easy to play and kept me interested.

Amazing game

It’s a short game but an amazing one


Holy cow! I haven’t played a mobile game that threw me for such a loop! I really liked this game and I wish there was more! My only complaint is that it took very little time to get to an ending. Great game nonetheless!

Amazing Game!

I absolutely loved this game! The story was well thought out allowing the player to choose their own path through the game. The ending is based on the choices you make. There are an ad between the story’s but it’s nothing unbearable like most games. I highly recommend downloading this game!💓

all i can say is... WOW!!!
Angel Marie Moya

i pre ordered this game in the summer, and i’m SO GLAD i did! i got the “true end” of the game and i’ve got to say, i had a good time playing this game! the people who developed this game really took their time on it and i can see their efforts really show through in the game! i can’t wait to keep playing it! love this game! definitely recommending it to my friends and family!

The game

I love it how the character has to find clues to remember himself and how it keeps rising the suspense about the character


Just wow 5 stars all the way

Great game though I’m gliching
random person #1079

It’s a great game good story but up to a point the screen goes white i tried going to the menu leaving the app but nothing works please fix this soon

Short but good

A really short game but still a great story.

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