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Fishing paradiso is a fishing game with a strong story line, which you usually don't find. Enhance your fishing abilities by completing fishing quests and find over 100 species of fish!
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Fishing in heaven is a little different from the earth.... You are playing as a boy. When a "birdy" woke you up, you found yourself lost in a tropical island. To satisfy your appetite, you decided to learn how to fish ... This game is also a sequel of "Bear's restaurant". You will find many characters from that game, such as "Mr.Bear" and "Cat".

A mysterious big fish, a conspiracy of Angels, a rocket flying to outer space... The adventure won't be that easy!



i love this game and am pretty deep into it, i only need 7 more gems to complete the stone slate but it seems like the fish i need barely appear anymore. i have to sit for a couple minutes in one spot for one of the quest fish to come into the scene. in the beginning of the game there were tons of the fish i needed in the water but now its just random fish and not the ones i need. it’s stopped me from moving forward in the game sadly :( i still want to finish the game so i’m not sure what to do

Fun little game
Dio Burrrando

Came here from Bear’s Restaurant. Beautiful little games.

Cool game!
Maxo the axo

Honestly just a really fun and relaxing game. Would have been better if you added a dog though :)

It’s good

I loved Bears cafe so seeing the return of characters was nice, but there’s quite a few spelling errors I’ve noticed so far, like when the sky phone tutorial starts off he says “Sicne” instead of Since, and a few issues like that. But nothing major

Great game.

I really enjoy this, the story is really interesting. I have a really hard time focusing on one game for a long period of time, but this game I played for about 3 hours non stop. I personally really liked the tent house and the base house but the bird wanted more and more which I found unnecessary. Overall a well made and enjoyable game.

Great game

I just dropped by to say that mean angel is a buttface. The game is very good for passing time though.

Good but could be better
( =OwO= )

When I saw this game, I was unsure if I would like it because I love fish, I love pixel stuff, what could be bad? Well nothing much to be honest! There’s only two issues I had. One, it takes 90 seconds for one fish bait?! That makes you literally watch a ad or wait like over 10 mins for max bait! Second problem, When you are fishing and reel back in, it takes up a bait! In real life the bait (depending on the size of it) would be 1. A little nibbled 2. Fine to reuse! If the bait actually went away, whatever ate it would be caught. This game is really good and takes up my free time but it could use some work. Overall good job on making a decent game!

Hurts to write this review.
бочка басс колбасер

I have played all of your games and bought the rewards in all of the ones possible. I really wanted to like this game! It took me months to finish because it was so much of a drag. The art and music are perfect as usual. But this one just wasn’t as entertaining as your previous games. I’m so sorry 😭 I would love to see more games with less feel-good elements and more of a horror aspect to them. Although I loved Bear’s Restaurant, I think your games Bluebird and Clock of Atonement were really unique and promising albeit short.

Love all this guys games

Great story telling and fun gameplay. Overall even with the extras you can buy, it’s a great value.

Extremely enjoyable!! Especially after Bear’s Restaurant.

I played this game after I played Bear’s Restaurant and I think players should definitely play Bear’s Restaurant before jumping on this game! 😊 I say this because you get a good grasp on the storyline and why there is a heaven and hell kind of theme going on. (Basically- It adds more depth and you tend to get attached to these characters easily.) Love love love the storyline for both games and adore seeing all of my favorite characters and interacting with them with my own character. It is easy to play and very accessible! ❤️

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