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Fishing paradiso is a fishing game with a strong story line, which you usually don't find. Enhance your fishing abilities by completing fishing quests and find over 100 species of fish!
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Games Free Daigo Sato iPhone, iPad, iPod

Fishing in heaven is a little different from the earth.... You are playing as a boy. When a "birdy" woke you up, you found yourself lost in a tropical island. To satisfy your appetite, you decided to learn how to fish ... This game is also a sequel of "Bear's restaurant". You will find many characters from that game, such as "Mr.Bear" and "Cat".

A mysterious big fish, a conspiracy of Angels, a rocket flying to outer space... The adventure won't be that easy!



Amazing story! An all-around wholesome and awesome game, not pay-to-win like most movile games are nowadays~

Super wholesome

This game is so cute. I really liked Bear’s restaurant so when I found out the developers came out with a new game I was really excited. I love how the games intertwine. I really enjoy this game and I can’t wait to see more from the developers!

Cute game
Hordan Recorder

Serene and peaceful game. Only advice is to make the ads worth 30 bait or more so fishing is a bit less tedious. Other than that, thanks for the relaxing game

Adorable fun Game

This has an adorable little story and cute game. I love he characters and the world around it <3

Pretty Good
sksksksksks and i oop

It’s relaxing and gives off a stardew valley kind of feel to it. But there is one thing I dislike about it and it is that this game feels like a pay to enjoy type of game. There’s a lot of ads already but you want us to pay to get stuff like infinite bait so we don’t have to wait 90 seconds. I hate that fact and makes me not want to play it as much as I should


I loved this casual game but what I did dislike was how we had to click every profile to view what they wanted, would have been nice to have it listed somewhere so we could check back a lot easier and not skip over the same dialogue.

Awesome game

Really good game it’s full of adventure and wonders if the sea!!

wowie im cool

Super fun amazing game!!!!

Very fun!

The only thing I don’t like is having to watch ads to replenish my bait or “fishing bites” as you call them for some reason. We all know they’re worms and the lil bird goes and gets them. I don’t mind watching ads to replenish my bait, at all. It’s just watching them too much. You get a MAX of only 12 bait and that goes away very very very quickly. You should up it to 30 and then we don’t have to watch ads as often to replenish them. Other than that, there’s virtually NO wait times when it comes to this game. There’s no “Wait for your energy to replenish!” Like in other games. There’s no “Your bait will replenish every hour!” Or “The fish will come back in 20 minutes!” Along with the fun fishing adventure, there’s also a story. You meet people, make friends, fulfill requests for them, however, the game is not fully complete. I was able to complete the game in a little over 24 hours. There should definitely be more added to the game. For some reason I have blank black spots where fish I haven’t caught are in the little catalog book, but I’ve spent a full hour at a fishing spot once randomly catching all the fish I can so that new ones can spawn in faster, and I NEVER found it. I don’t know if they just haven’t been added to the game yet, or what. Also, the friends you make level up to 9 I think and once they get to that level there’s this gray board that pops up and a green little sphere of energy or something is placed into one of the many indentations on the board. One hole for each friend. I’m assuming once you level up each friend to level 9 and complete the board, something happens, but my friends had all stopped requesting things so I can’t level them up anymore. I guess it’s not complete, but I don’t know. I wish there was a reference. Overall, super great game, if you’re on the fence about it, just go ahead and download it. This game is hours and hours of fun without being repetitive. Love it.

Just straight up amazing

I used around 13 dollars or so on this perfect fishing game for you guys but I need to refund the gold sponsor because I already bought the silver one and I don’t need the gold sponsor so if you can do this thanks!