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Your brother finds a stuffed bluebird while the two of you visit a festival. Later that night you have a dream that takes place inside of a strange forest with a man having the head of a bird.
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Games Free Daigo Sato iPhone, iPad, iPod

Try to escape the dream by collecting items and solving puzzles. Can you save your brother?


Make more games like This please

I love this game and the plot twist when figure out that phone wants you to kill bird man and how the world was all bloody and red I would love games like this so could you make more games like this where there’s a story line so it’s not like the other puzzle games that have no story line so please make more games like this plzzzz

best one in a while

i played bears restaurant before i played this, and the storylines of both this and that game were really good. i LOVE pixel games and storylines are what i care about more when playing a game so this was perfect for me. please continue making games like these, i hope you do, i really love your style and i’m sure you have more stories to tell! i can’t wait to read them

Wish it was longer!

It took such a short time to finish, but it was an amazing story! Please keep making these.

Amazing game

This game was full of suspense and amazing yet complicated puzzles


I like this game and all, but I don’t really get any of it. Honestly, I prefer happy endings. If anyone is reading this, I think you should play Bears Restaurant, it’s the best game I ever played. Loved everything in it, mainly the storyline, and the wonderful colors. But this game, not so much.


I can’t believe this game is approved for children. I’m really disappointed about that. A bloody killing? Suggesting you killed your brother? And this is approved for kids ages 9 and up? Seriously? That’s ridiculously irresponsible Apple.

Wow this game is just wow owo

Hi I'm a person and imma person lol well this game at the end uhh the whole story it's just crazy I loved it I'm rlly into these types of apps but wow I loved it thank you for creating this


Amazing game. Amazing pixel art. Amazing story. An impressive game that keeps you entertained.

Great Game! Definitely Worth a Play!
Kate Quigley

This game is great just like all of Diago’s other games. A few of the puzzles were a bit challenging for me (I don’t play puzzle games much) so if you get stuck and the phone says there aren’t any hints available, there is a walkthrough of the full game on YouTube. It’s a great game that makes you think.


I’m a big fan of your games and I’m a gold sponsor in bears restraunt but blue bird was really fun I got the good and bad endings and there both good Keep making new content Also you’re a talented game developer and I have so many questions who was controlling the phone where did the blue bird come from and who was that girl they were talking about

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