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Town of Tides is free iOS app published by Daigo Sato



This was a greatly designed and well-written interactive story, and I’d love to see more apps like this!!


Lonely city

It was a very good game I look forward for more like it

Sad and depression


This is sad I love it. I love pixels and undertale and this is SO RELATED! I love it so much. I wish I could give you money for this hard work



I can relate to the main protagonist, as I also grew old and tired of this world’s mechanism.

Very nice :)


Could have used a bit more backstory and character development but other than that it’s a really nice game. Very sweet and a little bit sad at times. I personally like how it’s more of an interactive story than a game, but if you aren’t like me and you don’t like these kinds of “games” then please don’t waste your time getting it just to write a bad review.



Could you make a undertale game



This game is so far the most emotional game I played in my life. It’s has so much detail. The people put so much thought into this and should be very proud. I really enjoyed playing this game!

Great game


A shory story touch my heart. Thank you for made a great game. This is second game i play. 1 is bluebird. :3



This game was good, but it was really sad at the same time.

So Beautiful!


This was one of the most Touching Games I have ever played. It has something for everyone. Don’t hesitate to download and play.

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