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This War of Mine is paid iOS app published by 11 bit studios s.a.

Perfectly done however...


I love this game, it's very entertaining but I have a few suggestions... 1) Pets. It would be amazing if you added dogs that could guard the house, or go with you when you scavenge and help protect you. They’d also need food, or bandaged, or medicated and could get depressed. This would be an amazing addition. 2) Is it possible that you guys could add more characters please, and maybe so that if you double tap on the bio for a character you can view an actual bio that has a back ground story. 3) I would also love to be able to have multiple save slots so I can play different games. Again thank you so much for a wonderful game. I love the feeling it brings of being there and going through war. This game can be ruthless and rightly so. I love the graphics but wish for thunderstorms. Anyways the game is amazing so thank you. (I will be hopeful for a response but will understand if you don’t respond)

Great but buggy


Loses a star for all the bugs. Been following this game since its early pc days. Absolutely love it. That being said, the constant bugs that I encounter during game play really take away from the glory at times. Here’s some I regularly encounter: -when game is minimized and brought back up, screen is black but game sound and music is playing. -when attempting to bandage a wounded character, the progress “wheel” gets stuck in perpetual action, never completing, never healing or applying the bandage. I also cannot force the character out of this perpetual loop. If i get another character to heal a character then both characters are then stuck in this loop. So i have no choice but to either restart the day or just end the day. Intermittent. -when game is minimized and brought back up, its like it “timed out” or i chose to quit and i have to restart the latest day all over again. Intermittent. -when game is minimized and brought back up, no sound from gameplay or music can be heard at all. Obviously losing progress is my biggest peeve since save points are sparse as is one of the intended functionality behind the game. But seeing how this is now a mobile-able game, it should be able to handle being minimized with no issues.

MacBook Air

Ray inator

Just a question can I play this game in the MacBook Air. Do u have to pay again for it since I paid for it on my phone? Please don’t let that be the case.😕. Please respond.

Great and engaging game!


Game is great!



Most maps have no effect sounds, image when u are in a sniper map and u can’t hear it shots, and that’s what happened to me. And characters move and stop doing thing randomly.



Do not spend your money for this sh... game

Bugs ver.2.3.4


While a fantastic game, slamming face first into a fairly massive bug does a lot to temper that enjoyment. I noticed it upon entering Sniper Junction. All the foreground trees and objects are white. As in paper white, devoid of any detail at all. And many of the sound effects are missing. Example, sniper shots against walls and roads are almost completely silent. While the metal ricochet off a car is still audible. This makes timely navigation there quite a bit more difficult. Honestly these are probably things I could force myself past, but I don’t feel much incentive to. Especially not knowing how many more times/areas I’ll have to go through it again. Bug fix please. Otherwise I’m not bothering to keep playing.

Great Game


Great Game

Meh, can improve in future versions


some textures are wrong, missing too many sounds that if there are in other versions of the game. I really love this game, but the Android version is less bugged, with the recent update I have seen that many sounds have disappeared, for example the unique sounds that the objects have when you pick them up, or some SFX such as the shooting sounds, I still think it's a great game and I really enjoy playing it, but I would like to see that the texture errors that occur in different scenarios and the SFX is solved to be the best gaming experience



Best game, i’ve played. Love it ❤️