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This War of Mine is paid iOS app published by 11 bit studios s.a.

Amazing game I love it!

Cam Cam 32

I love this game! The game was really fun throughout the pathway of survival, I bought The Little One’s and played as Iskra and Christo. It was a hard experience but on day 7 I was glad to get a new person. I have thoughts about updates, I think the game should have dogs. Reason why is because I love dogs and companions will really help for scavenging. The dog could fined different areas that will appear while your scavenging. Amazing game LOVE IT!

Amazing game with a slight issue.

Cici 44444

Thank you guys for making this amazing port! Such a good game and this is how I discovered it but I am on level 18 right now and for some reason the game shuts down occasionally and deletes some of my data! Thanks for everything!

Great game but one suggestion.


I love the concept and have played many scenarios but the English is driving me nuts. When starting a new day, rather than “None of us was wounded”. It should be “None of us were wounded”. Please consider tenses in your next update.

Small Problem


The game is fun and all but I was playing a game where it is just Marko and he became so sad he was broken. After this he just sat down until he died he wouldn’t move no matter what I did. I kept resetting the day but he would not move. It would be very helpful if you could fix this. Besides that great game.

This is Incredible! And Child Ideas

Mr. CookieCream3789

I absolutely love this game it’s really well made and detailed and I love that you can have children it’s so cool and it is so realistic but one thing I would add is Toddlers! I know what your thinking why would this person want toddlers well there are kids right and if you can make them, you can make toddlers and not just that can you make children scavenge? I know yeah it’s weird but in real life kids are able to scavenge so why not in the game? And can you make it able to see children in the areas like the places you scavenge because I find it weird that the only children you see are the two kids who need medicine and the playable ones so please add these when you have the chance and that will be cool so keep up the good work on making this game awsome.

Crashes on iPad 3


This game is brilliant. However, recent updates have made it unplayable on my device. I tap on the icon and it's an instant crash. Until this issue is fixed, I will sadly have to give this one star. It doesn't work on the devices it advertises, which is unacceptable in my eyes.

Awesome game, can be sad with the little ones


So I’ve said to myself “I will get this game.”And I did.I got the little ones DLC.(Just to see how it was)And it was amazing. I got emotional in this DLC since the kid wrote about everything (if you had one) and it gets sad of how they write it. Amazing work and I hope you work on this game a lot more

Can we have a game speed option?

Math notetaker

I have been playing this game for a little while now, and I rather enjoy it. I would enjoy This War Of Mine much more, however, if I could speed up the game. For example, when all of my players are either sleeping, or just standing around waiting for water to filter and vegetables to grow, I would love to speed the game up 2x or 4x so I am spending less time idly staring at my screen and wasting my battery.

Custom stories? 📚📚📚


This game is legit the best in the App Store. But I only have one issue. What can you do after you survive all the scenarios? I’d suggest you guys add custom stories, which basically enables players to make their own stories and place random characters in them. It’d be a lot of fun, trust me 😉.

Truly Great (But I wish story DLC was on iOS)


Nothing good that hasn’t been said before can be, THAT’S how magnificent this game is. My only wish is for the episodic story DLC to be released on all mobile, or at least iOS. But don’t let that stop you, or you’ll regret missing out on a truly original, engaging, and at times heartbreaking game.