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This War of Mine is paid iOS app published by 11 bit studios s.a.

Another perspective

Jake (not from State Farm)

This game gives the civilians perspective of surviving. Where what you do affects you. Morally, food, injuries, sickness, sleeping, you name it. What you do seriously affects you. And it's amazing. I played this game on the PS4 and fell in love with it so much, I bought it for my phone just to keep playing it.

This hits hard


Up until now, i have never imagined myself living & surviving in the war-torn country. In this game i made so many difficult choices that even in real life, i was still thinking about that choices that i made. Robbing the old couple’s house was one of them. Marko died when he went to scavenge, so i had no choice other than rob their house, as i know they wont attack back. I am sorry.. For people reading these reviews and trying to decide whether this game is worth to buy or not, it is worth it!. Not only that this game transports you to live during the war, but also moral values and life lessons. Kudos to the developer for making this game, please keep doing what you are doing, and support this game in the future ❀️

You should buy this game

Lapdog sow

This game was amazing,I liked the choices you had to make and that the quality was nice.

Amazing Game


First of all let me just say that this game is amazing for only being $0.99 most games like that are fun and all but in order to play and beat the game you need to buy more. This game doesn’t do that, I got the game a couple of days ago and am already having a blast. If you life a game where you have to make tough decisions about what to build and when to build it and who to trust and not to trust then this game is for you. I have to admit there are so difficult times in this game but that makes it all the more fun because you don’t finish the game quickly. Another plus to the game is that you get to play different stories and not just one, I love this game and give it 5 stars and recommend it to anyone who is up for a challenge!!!

Best game on the App Store


TWoM is such a good game, only wish other people would realize that. I think it would be on top of the App Store if only the price wasn’t so high. Although, personally I think it’s worth it.

This Game Is AWESOME πŸ‘!!!


Get your strategy skills up for this realistic iOS game! Controls are great and graphics are great gameplay is tough. Definitely have you putting well enjoyed hours in. 😎

Not playable on phone.


There is a size limitation on the screen. They pack a lot of information on the screen but the text size is unreadable without a magnifying glass. Unplayable as you can’t tell what’s going on.

Amazing but there is one bug..

My thoughts on new setup

When I use a gun, I immediately get kicked out of the game😭 please fix



This game is great but it crashes way too much. I have emailed support and they ignored me so I don't think it will ever be fixed. They got my money so transaction done.....

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