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This War of Mine is paid iOS app published by 11 bit studios s.a.



Hey, the game keeps crashing after pressing continue!

Beautifully written and engineered game


I am not one to just write a review for a game/app, in fact, I believe this is first review ever. This game deserves the best reviews, it truly exceeded the expectations that I had not only for this game in particular, but on the level of creativity a simple game like this can reach. This game also challenges the users to face some difficult moral choices that also impact the gameplay and potentially change the course of the game. Highly recommend for those who like interactive, decision driven, survival games.



I picked up this game when I was bored. This is a rlly good game and, though a bit skeptical of the price tag, it was sure worth the money!

It’s a good game but I can’t even start it


Every time I start the game or start over with a new character I lag out the game and it continues to do it even when I delete the game then reinstall it and i don’t know if it messing up because I have a iPhone 6s Plus or the game is just has a really bad glitch.

Nothing quite like it on iOS


A wonderful little — but super expansive — game. Somehow you feel what these characters are feeling, whether it’s hunger, sadness, fear... Highly recommend you give this one a shot, even if you’re not into the whole stealth genre thing (I’m not). You will have tons of hours of new experiences, trying to master the art of staying alive.



The game’s too short. Please add more DLC stories !!!

Wish it would finish downloading.

Majestic elf

I love this game on my PS4 however my iPad has taken a full 12+ hours to download and I'd still hasn't completed the task.😢

Game crashes ruin it

Sorce of corse

I was really looking forward to playing this game. Everything else is fine to great, but the game crashing at multiple locations when chosen to scavenge is so frustrating. First, you lose all progess since returning from the last scavenge. Second, it blocks off whatever supplies and stories those locations contain ruining the long-term game (which I have yet to get to due to there always being at least one location that crashes the game on any map). This is probably the first online review I’ve ever written because I want to enjoy the game and hope typing this review will be seen by the right person. I read updates referring to “Day 42” and I can’t enjoy the game past day 15 due to glitched locations. Not at all worth $15.

Great concept


But iOS games shouldn’t take an hour or two just to fail and start over with no save function. FTL gets it right. Constant action and progression. This game gets it wrong. It’s really, really, really slow with lots of downtime and after the initial novelty of the concept wears off, it’s actually not a lot of fun. I found myself playing it like crazy and then realizing that the first 30 minutes of each game is pretty much the same. It’s no fun playing a game for 30 minutes just to get to where you left off the last time you played. The description of the game in the developer description is completely correct when it says “This War of Mine isn’t exactly “fun”.” You got that right.