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This War of Mine is paid iOS app published by 11 bit studios s.a.

Crash problem


The little ones dlc crash at day 1 and I can’t play it please fix this problem tnx.



This is the first game that gave me uncontrollable happiness and in the next five minute crippling depression. This is by far my favorite game but of course there are a few dislikable features. Every now and then one of my survivors will decide that they would rather teleport just to eat a chicken leg from the fridge, and every-time I give one of my depressed survivors a pep talk while they are sleeping they slowwwwwly get out of bed then INSTANTLY fly back into the bed in a way I can only describe as supernatural! Although I understand it adds a sense of helplessness I was really hoping you could add a somewhat limited speech while scavenging especially when at the elderly couple’s house when the man is asking you all those questions and you just stand there staring at him. I know it would be hard but I was wondering if you could use more diverse perspectives like maybe a soldier, rebel, or even a doctor working in the hospital. I would recommend adding companions like dogs for increasing happiness and for scavenging. And last be most certainly not least the constant language is quite disturbing . I don’t know why you think people cussing non-stop is enjoyable along with the sprayed F word occasionally placed on walls and in the menu. Especially for me it does not add anything so I suggest you just take out all bad words. Thanks!

Totally awesome game!!!


Yeah I loved this game ever since I started playing it. I’m not saying anything bad but it would be nice to have some kind of cheat mode or switch in the settings that lets you have fun in the game with ease. Or maybe custom game where you can edit different factors of the game.



I really enjoy this game. Mixed with choices, skill, attention to detail and luck. Just constantly crashes please fix.

Fix it pls


Im using ios 8.2 ( ip6), after updated your newest patch, i cant play this game anymore. Pls fix it soon P/s: i know my english is not good, thks for reading this

Will Not Open on iPad


Your info says compatible with devices running OS 8.0 or later. Unfortunately this will not even open on my iPad 2 running the latest OS available to it. Was very much looking forward to experiencing this game but it's waste of money if you have an older device

I love the game but it has bugs


Every time I enter the church the game crashes.



What’s up with the crashing



I have no words to describe how amazing this game is. My only issue is it crashes every time I try to go to the church. Other than that this game mesmerizes me.

One small problem


For some reason, whenever I go to St. Mary’s Church, the Game crashes whenever I click and equip