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This War of Mine is paid iOS app published by 11 bit studios s.a.



My game keeps quitting right before i finish my night, and i have to star all over again. Please help fix this



It’s a good game overall but when I arrive to a new place it seems to crash the whole game and takes me back to the home screen.

App keeps crashing

Chris Mld

I enjoyed the game a lot but now the game keeps crashing all the time.

Fun till it crashes


I love the game but crashes constantly

No new iPad Pro Functionality


One star for now even though the game is fantastic, because it doesn’t fully take up space on the new iPad Pro.

Great game! Just missing one feature.


This is a great game! I love how every option matters in the future. But there is something I wish was added to the game, please add a option that lets you survive for as long as you can. In more detail, a mode where the war never ends. It is like saying “how long can you survive.” I love the game but then it ended. Which meant I have to start over. I want to see how long I survive, if that is 100, 1000, even 10000 days! Please add this feature, I am pretty sure people want this too. Thank you! Please respond to this comment so I know someone read this.

Good but currently buggy


The game is great but whenever I visit Snipers Corner, it crashes. Any chance this can be fixed as I can’t progress much until I visit there.

Crashes on iPad mini 2


It was only 3$. But I still feel cheated. I’ve wanted to play this game for years. Why say the game can support this iPad version when it is clearly not true. I have to keep replaying days over and over again. Crashes when my characters are either coming or going.

Marko died


Shovel wasn’t enough

iPad Pro 11” support


Great game, but I can’t give it a proper review until this has been optimized.