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This War of Mine is paid iOS app published by 11 bit studios s.a.

A great game but....

Virtuous P

This is a great game but you can only play the game for so long. Before long the characters are breaking and giving up On every game. I Even tried not being ruthless and yet still the characters break and gives up. If this is fixed it would be such a wonderful game and I will rate 5 stars.

Leeroy Jenkins

At least I had some chicken.

Fun game but crashes too much


I like this game. Good strategy dynamics with pretty good characters. Tough challenges that can be overcome as you learn in the game. But it often crashes and makes you start day over, and has limits re no.'s of built items that player should be allowed to (even if foolishly) pursue.



Nothing to complain about except just add the "create your own story" mode that is on PC. Would love to see that feature added as I love this game and it is a good travel game.

Screw this game.


The characters are all but certain to die. They had no chance to begin with and ultimately it was pointless trying to help them. This game lacks much still.

One of the best games I've ever played


Thoroughly compelling every step of the way

Zero stars

Supreme Disappointed

Waste of time and money. Game mechanics quit working. Starving people won't eat. Tired people won't sleep. Guards don't do anything to protect. This survival game is an exercise in feeding crap to a starving audience and see how much money they can make on hope for a good game. Any reviews that state otherwise are ignorant of quality gaming. Flawed at every opportunity. Just move on and hope someone makes a good game in the future. Really, don't get this.

I love this game!


I have played it on the pc! But I'll still buy it from App Store! To support him!

Not Worth Hefty Price


Price tag too steep to justify.

Amazing game, a few ideas for you!

Armageddon prepp

I don't want you to get the wrong idea of this review. I love this game so much. I play it on a regular basis and its my go-to game for killing time or if I want genuine gameplay that provokes emotions. The game itself is amazing. I just have a few ideas for you to make it even more interactive to the players. I hope you take the following into consideration in your next update! 1: Add a few more shelters for the main characters. It's just to add a broader spectrum of location to the game and I think can be very exciting if some could be easier than others. Like a warehouse with more food and supplies for first time gamers and a shelled building of some kind with more vulnerabilities like holes in the walls and collapsed roofs you need to repair. I think this would put a very enjoyable spin on the gameplay. 2: More characters would be a great addition to the game. I think what you are doing with your current characters are great and I would just like it if you expanded the selection of characters a bit, just to add a wider variety of characters to the player's story. 3: There could be a mechanic to where survivors could carry extra supplies during trips to map locations, like finding different grade backpacks that help the player carry different amounts of items. Even just a small backpack that helps the player carry 2-3 extra slots would come in handy and I think it would be very practical since any able minded person would bring something to help them carry supplies. 4: more map locations would be a great addition to the game. Nearing the end of the game, there aren't very many location left to explore and it just becomes a waiting game since you've either killed everyone in the map by the later half of the game, or have looted every location. I think adding different locations to explore to the very end of the gameplay would be very much appreciated. Some ideas could be a location like central square, but each trader has taken up shop in railway cars of an old train. Or maybe a retirement home much like the quiet house, but kind people take care of the elderly like the hospital. You could also add more dangerous bandits that have attack dogs to make location more challenging. I would really enjoy this and I think others would too. 5: A custom scenario mode would be greatly appreciated. Choosing which shelters you can play in, what characters you can play as, and how many days the game will last would be very interesting and I think would complement the game quite nicely. I like the scenarios given to me by the game, but a custom scenario creator would put a much needed emphasis on the game entirely. What you do with these ideas are up to you and I truly hope you take them into consideration. Thank you for taking the time to read my ideas and if I find them in the next updates, I will be truly satisfied with this game and will spread nothing but good thing about the game since that's all there is to be said about it. Have a nice day and I hope I could make this game a little better!