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This War of Mine is paid iOS app published by 11 bit studios s.a.

Add custom characters to mobile


I honestly love this game and it’s gameplay but there is just one thing. I want custom characters to be added to mobile NOT as an in app purchase. It’s on computer why can’t it be on mobile? I would like to be able to make myself in the game. So please, just add custom characters to mobile, that’s all I’m asking for.


RedFuryFIVE6 a 9 month member

I ran the game fine for about 15 mins. I went out to scavenge for the night and the app didn’t load the map and the app just closed. So I restart the app, click continue and the app closes again. I restart the app and try to start a new game and erase the old progress. The app closes again. The app closes every time it goes to load a continued progress or restart a new one. I delete the app and download it again. It still says continue and another try and no matter what I do the game closes every time it tries to load the map now. I thought the game was awesome but I just paid $15 for it and now it doesn’t work makes me sad. I don’t want my money back I just want to play the game. Help please. I’m on a IPhone 6 Plus. I’ve played Minecraft/Vainglory/Runescape on this phone and have had no problems. What should I do.

Really overrated


I wanted to like this game, but the gameplay is just tedious and uninteresting. It’s about as boring as Fallout Shelter. Total waste of money for me and I really regret buying it.

Was looking forward to this game but


All it does is crashes. I have reinstalled it several times. I can play as long as I don't close the app or let my iPad go to sleep, so for about a 15 to 20 minute stretch after I reinstall the game it's great. Suffice it to say at this rate I'll never make it past day 2. I know I'm not the only one here so some advice from the developer would be great. Otherwise I just threw $15 into the wind. Way to go Apple for not vetting a real money game across all platforms. I wouldn't be quite so annoyed if this were simply some pissant micro transaction game.

Di hey


I’ve still haven’t heard nothing from this game maker I want my money back because feel like y’all stole my money and I want a refund please ASAP. I want my money back

No Customized Play


It would be more fun to choose my own storyline setting, characters, weather conditions, ect...

A great presentation of the same old

Aye Q

After reading a few reviews you may feel this is the greatest experience you have yet to witness on mobile.... I didn’t see that and I definitely wanted to but it just felt like a really high-quality but basic survival game. Matrix rules, the things you need to survive are not all based in actual reality but in the reality of the game and therefore and like many other games you find yourself mastering the game not the situation the game is trying to present or put you in. Case in point you need more than you would actually need to start a fire and say cook a hotdog. Like other survival games the materials you need to do basic task are ridiculous but I’m not hating that that’s basically level design. These heartbreaking moments your said to face well maybe I didn’t play long enough because they were far few and almost nonexistent. I do remember having to steal from a family who clearly had children and feeling conflicted about it but the rest of the game is so tedious and boring I quickly forgot about it. I like that games try to tackle real world issues but let’s not forget they are still games and if they’re not fun I don’t care what else they do well. Just my opinion though

Game is amazing but repeat crashes not fixed


Buy on pc steam if you can; avoid iOS version like the plague. I purchase because I see so much good reviews. Then I play and start crashing a lot so I change reviews to look at most critical and these crashes many players are having. It crash every time for zones of: makes these zones unusable the church the central market For survival every zone is important the central market is very important as can trade goods. I think there was another but cannot recall. Also crash sometimes when normal operation when need access inventory. Every time crash you have to restart entire day. This is unacceptable for a such an expensive application and no fixes have been applied to fix for very long time and developer seems to wish to ignore iOS problems. The pc steam version works great no issues. I truly love this game. I just feel I have been cheated / taken advantage of by iOS version. iPad Air iOS 12.2

Hard but really good


At first I was extremely confused on what to do. The game doesn’t give a tutorial but once you get accustomed to it it’s a great game.

Awaful locked down not-fun game


I enjoyed the destktop version but hate this game You cant just set up a game, its all not right. This is apparently not as advertised and is not the game but is instead some silly locked down story mode thing. I feel cheated and lied to. I do not want or care to play your silly story mode nor should any of it be locked. This game has zero play value and I am truly sorry gave the developer any money. This game is awful and I want my money back. So upset by this that I will no longer be supporting even the desktop version. No more 💰 for you! 1 star - awful