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This War of Mine is paid iOS app published by 11 bit studios s.a.

Great Game


This “game” is a brilliant display of human artistry in video gaming. It is so much more than a simple diversion. Unfortunately the review section is tainted by gaming-incompetent crybabies who also fail miserably at seeing even a glimpse of what the “game” actually presents.

Best game in the App Store


Amazing game that I’ve been playing for years. Enthralling, emotional, a real connection to the characters in the game, raw and gritty. Exceptional job! PLEASE make stories available on IOS! I am out of scenarios and need new fresh ones! Please!

Cannot be better


Amazing game. I love the graphic too beautiful. Thank you for making this game it’s amazing and unique then other games. Thank you love the game once again.

Just a small correction


The language spoken in Brazil is Portuguese not “Brazilian”.

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اللعبة ما اشتغلت في الايفون ٥

Too much crash


It’s a great game,but it crash too often.

Does not work in ipad air


After last update. Black screen all over. Please fix



The gameplay is too short. You guys should add new maps and make it more harsh.



The game just keeps crashing on my iPhone 6S with iOS 9.3 This was one of my favorite games, but the latest update won't even let me open the app. Please fix this.

Game Request


I’m in Love with this game! And I read most of the my stories in the characters and they had like a cat or a dog in the past so I was thinking... You guys should add Pets! Pets would help you scavenge or defend while also help the little ones (if you bought it) and could make it feel more like a home while if you don’t have one a person can go scavenging while they found a stray dog and you could either leave it there or bring it with you.. Just a fun request to see to boost up the game a little more but all that this game is so fun to play!