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Signal - Private Messenger is free iOS app published by Signal Messenger, LLC



Where is Face ID or password lock?

The Best Out There


Signal is definitely top drawer. It’s the only app anyone with sense ought to use to communicate. After all, it’s endorsed by whistleblowers who put their neck on the block. Get Signal. Use Signal. There are quibbles: Signal still relies too much on Contacts. And the iOS app doesn’t verify well, nor allow much in the way of dropping phone numbers. As well, there is STILL no iPad version. Please, for the love of Heaven, throw an iPad UI out there!


Terry Urich

Why require my phone number? Phone numbers are attached to names and credit card info! Create a private key and a hash!

Love the app


But please make a dark mode option my friends are threatening to switch back to Threema. Also the app itself needs password lock. Many thanks for all that you do.

Love this app!


It’s a daily part of my life. Love the privacy. I like it better than other options too. Moxie rocks.

Great message app


Great message app just wish they will add a security code to open app. Just to give it more security and keep messages private

Needs no phone number registration.


When can we register without a phone number?? Until this app allows registering with a username or email address instead of phone # it fails at its core mission of private communications. Needs default disappearing message timer and use up less screen space when using disappearing messages. Requiring a phone number is not in the spirit of zero-knowledge.

absolutely fantastic ???

Fatih Ferah

great job! excellent private!! amazing. five stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ thanks.

Great app but needs updates


Great communication app. Please add: 1. Siri support to send messages and make Audio/Video Calls. 2. Universal App support. 3. Landscape support. 4. Group calls. 5. The ability to send Signal messages while on a Signal audio call. 6. The ability to use the back camera on video calls. 7. The ability to see how much data was used on an audio and video call.

5 stars for security alone

M Hudd

The app does what it says- provides a means for communication that is secure and not tracked! That’s why I have it and I love it! The only additional feature I’d really like to see soon is the ability to access and send text messages while using the call function. I know this feature is already available on the Android version so I’m hoping to see it added soon!