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Ridiculous Fishing - A Tale of Redemption is paid iOS app published by Vlambeer vof

Good game but the buttons are broken


Fun game, but the buttons and words are misplaced and makes the game unplayable

Completely Unusable now :(


Loved this game a few years ago, now it’s completely unusable. It seems the dev has walked away from this game, which is a shame because it was my absolute favorite app game :(

Needs UI update


I’ve played and replayed this game for years and sincerely hope the user interface and scaling issues are resolved in a future update. Would love to be able to enjoy this game properly again.

Could be good

Reality's Requiem

This game used to be great, my favorite app even. But now the UI makes it unplayable. I’d give a 5 star if they would just optimize the app



I can’t buy items. I can’t get past 50m on the fishing depth. Just trash

The game has a major bug! It doesn’t let me buy upgrades in the game’s fishing store!


The game has a major bug! It doesn’t let me buy upgrades in the game’s fishing store!

Still Playable!


This app needs an update for sure, but you can progress through the game. I am running an iPhone XS and have gotten far in this game. Issues: - Scaling: fish and fisherman are small - Backgrounds for phone / Fishopedia / Byrdr are unscaled (text is more readable in some of the locales than others depending on the different sky colors) - Money and gas meter are very small - Money meter is in the top middle of the screen instead of the far right - Shop screen is correct scale but the “buy/equip” button is invisible (you can still touch the area under the shop items, about 1/3 from the right, to buy things) - Store prices are partially obstructed by store items. (You can drag the first and second item columns down to better see the price) The game mechanics still work! With a little poking around on the store screen, you can buy things that you can afford and make progress. I am nearly finished with the game, in the endgame (5/6 achievements) and working on getting the expensive store items. Good luck, and I hope Vlambeer updates this great, CLASSIC iOS game!

i used to be obsessed


i upgraded my phone to the iphone 13 pro max and i guess the phone is too big because the game is really small and the entire size of the screen is not being utilized, please fix!!!!!

One of my all time favorites but I have a bug

Blargin flargin

Ridiculous fishing, from it’s gameplay “hook” to it’s precision, it’s music and immersive world building via it’s in universe mobile apps. Splendid, sometimes even heartfelt game. But lately, I’ve encountered a scaling bug that really takes away from the experience. Everything is just tiny now! Is a fix planned? Thanks, -jack

This game is broken! Don’t buy

lil julzy bert

The in game store to buy equipment such as longer fishing lines is broken stopping you from progressing in the game. This needs to be fixed but there hasn’t been an update in years. Don’t waste your money on a broken game.