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Ridiculous Fishing - A Tale of Redemption is paid iOS app published by Vlambeer vof

Does not work with iPhone X


I had this game in my previous iPhone and it worked great and was one of the best games i had played, but i recently repurchased it to experience some nostalgia but the game is unplayable. you cannot buy and upgrades and the screen is bugged



Sadly this app no longer works on modern phones and os’s. Which is a shame because it’s quite entertaining.



bugged and unplayable :(

App broken on modern devices


The game’s menus are so tiny they cannot be used and everything is incorrectly sized!

Buyer-beware: broken game!


Loved this game when it first came out. Decided to start playing it again with my iPhone 8 Plus. Gameplay is fine, but the UI is drastically undersized and the store is totally broken. Last update was 2 years back, so I don’t have a lot of hope for a patch.



i’m mad because i used to love this game so much but i just redownloaded it after a while and it isn’t working? everything is so small and you can’t see the prices for anything.

Plz update this game!!!


I Love the idea of a good grinding game and this is the one for me, but sadly I notice that the game is having a lot of problems: 1. When you start the game the menu and everything is too small to see what you are doing, 2. The store function works ok, however I cannot tell of if I bought something or not and that’s one of many other problems with this game. I hope that the developers have the time to fix these issues as soon as possible. I still think that this game deserves to have a good 5/5 star rating if these issues were fixed then maybe many people would have a better experience with this the same as I do.



Used to be an amazing, if not the best game on the App Store. Unfortunately, now, the UI is tiny, and I can’t see jack. Please fix this, vlambeer! Many people have said they want it fixed and I’d absolutely love it, too!

Good game but unplayable


Needs to be updated, unplayable on newer devices due UI issues



Brilliant game but lack of true support for newer devices like the X and newer make it a chore to play. Not worth getting into now if you have one of those phones.