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Ridiculous Fishing - A Tale of Redemption is paid iOS app published by Vlambeer vof



Don’t buy this you can’t do anything, please update

I wish that I could give this 5 stars


This was a great game, but it is not functional on new iOS devices.

Unplayable for iPhone 8+


Unplayable for iPhone 8. Everything is zoomed out and text is behind things where you can’t even read it. Needs an update to fix ui. Also only tilt controls with no option to change.

Unplayable Garbage

Don Won Cherry Bomb

Does not work for 8+

Good game but could use an update


I played this game on my Iphone 5 and se and loved it. I recently got it for my 11 max and it was very small, some things were hard to read, and the shop was kinda low res. Its still a great game and worth the money but it really could use an update.

The best game on iOS with one small issue


Right now the game plays SUPER ZOOMED OUT on my iPhone X. It hasn’t had any compatibility updates in 2 years, so maybe they’ve given up on it, but I love it so much and just wish I could play it again. It’s the first game where motion controls actually work and feel right!

Update needed!!


I ADORE this game. The art is beautiful and the story is minimalist and sweet. The gameplay is addictive and engaging without being too difficult. This is one of the few games that, on my first play through, I worked hard to unlock all of the hard-to-catch species. All that being said, this app NEEDS a compatibility update. I can’t play it on my current device. I know things have been a little quiet, but if the developer sees this, I hope they’re able to revisit the game to make it compatible on newer devices! Thanks for letting me fish ridiculously!

Coveted For Ages

MEGA 7!!

As someone that has wanted to play this game for so long... I’m really disheartened to see it does not really work on my 11 Pro Max. Please Update!!!

iPhone X issues


Great game, I think. Playing on an iPhone is nearly imposible. The UI is out of scale. The game looks tiny and the store looks like a stretched out png. I think I would love this game, if it worked in modern devices.

Just please update

Help my balls

This is the all time best mobile game and I just wish it was more playable on the newer iPhones