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Ridiculous Fishing - A Tale of Redemption is paid iOS app published by Vlambeer vof

Was great, until……


I absolutely loved this game on my iPhone 7. No flaws what so ever. I went to redownload this game when I got my 12 Pro and the screen ratio just doesn’t fit what so ever. Everything is way too small. This game needs an update. Not worth buying if you have the newer phones without the home button, unless the game gets updated.

Needs updated


The menu screens are too small and I can’t even use my money to upgrade any of my stuff because I can’t click on anything because it’s too small.

Please fix UI scale


Please fix the UI scale for the newer iPhones. This is a really good game and I wish the UI could be fixed as well as the shop. Formatting this game for the newer iPhones would be amazing.

Once a grand game, languishing for want of an update…


Ridiculously funny game with a good sense of humor. Sadly, the last update “for newer devices” isn’t current, and a lot of screens (like even the 8 plus I’m still using) leave basic UI elements misplaced. Notably, the “buy” element in the store, critical for advancing the storyline at all, isn’t usable. If you have an old, old device — yeah, older than mine, go for it. Billy’s journey is memorable, and finding the deepest fish to blow sky high is as ridiculous as it gets. But until this is updated, if you’ve a modern device, you’ll be stuck like me in the shallow end of the pond. Can’t even buy the fishing cap!

Game is super glitched visually.


It’s just so broken.

Quite a Remarkable Game, but..


I love this game, i’ve played this game for years and i’ve wanted to play it again recently, but as soon as I downloaded it, I saw that the UI and interface are all messed up, the visuals are not how they’re supposed to be, and I wish that could be fixed so we could all enjoy the game again. I use an Iphone 8 plus and i’ve also heard this “bug” affects IPhone X’s, and it’d just be a dream come true if we got an update for this. I wouldn’t even want them to add anything to the game, just to make it playable. Because to me it’s already perfect as it is, it’s just this minor inconvenience that really doesn’t allow anyone to play or get the full experience.



I’m on a 12 and it’s completely unplayable, you can’t use the store which is a key part of the game

Ugh. Unplayable


UI elements aren't setup right, texts illegible, can't buy anything in the game store.


Ur dad's mom

You can’t purchase anything with the in game currency because the buttons are simply too small. Dont burn the $3.

Not compatible with iPhone 12


Extremely disappointing to spend $3 on a game and for it to be so outdated that the UI doesn’t even work on the latest iPhone. The description lies sayings it’s compatible but this is far from the truth. Everything is off centered and shrunk. You’re left with black filler bars across the top and bottom of the screen. The most disappointing purchase you can make.