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Ridiculous Fishing - A Tale of Redemption is paid iOS app published by Vlambeer vof

UI is messed up


Game is not updated for newer devices. The UI renders the game completely unplayable because you can’t make upgrades. The prices and buy buttons are hidden behind items in the shop. It’s an old game and the developer has clearly moved on and isn’t interested in updating it, which I get, but it’s a pretty big bummer. This was one of the best games on mobile.

More needed 2020 and still waiting


A truly great game. One word: More. 4 years and counting. Still waiting. You gots this. Give it to us! Update: still no more. Need more. Look at "plague inc." you could be millionaires with a cult following for years. We will pay for more!! Update May 2018: I still look all the time for more. Or a sequel. I am begging you. All of us are begging you. Where can I send the cash? Seriously. Update Oct 2018: Please? I am tossing money to worthless games. I want to give it to you. Update Dec 2019, with sugar on top? Just tell me where to donate. I’m begging you. Where can I send money? Still the best. 2020 Update July 2020. Virtual fishing. Perfect for a pandemic. Pleeease! More. I will keep begging.


Dr swagg soo

Love this game would definitely give it 5 stars but the size formatting is all wrong on my phone and apparently others too. I really want to play this and support y’all! Please update it!

[Bug] Crashes instantly


When I load up the game it just crashes, I have beaten the game before, and I’m on a IPad and not a phone, so please help!

A classic


playin this gem for years

Needs Developer Update


Almost unplayable on iPhone 11 Pro. Hope to see another compatibility upgrade.

This game really needs an update


The game is completely unplayable on my phone. I can’t even buy things when I go to the shop, my money does not even show up. All the menus are like a tiny fraction of the screen. I can’t read anything and half the words are In the wrong spot so it’s really hard to even read. And everything is too tiny to see it’s like it thinks I’m on an iPad Pro when I’m on a lil phone

Does not work


Does not work on iPhone X and up.

Does not look right on XS Max


Text too small to read, some text is hidden, could be a fun game again with a update



You guys have had plenty of time to recognize that this needs a UI update. Months ago infact. UPDATE. THE. GAME. This game is terrific but for heavens sake fix the UI. It’s basically unplayable