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Ridiculous Fishing - A Tale of Redemption is paid iOS app published by Vlambeer vof

What’s the issue here?


What did we just give-up on keeping this game current?

Game does not work on modern iPhones


I have an iPhone 11pro and cannot buy anything from the games shop. Wish they would update. If it worked I would say 5 stars.

Pleeeaase update game

Daniel Kambucha.

Game is perfect was flawless, but ever since iOS 13 and 14, it started to act a bit strange. Everything is small, some buttons misplaced. I would love it if this game updated. Thanks!

Doesn’t work


Does not appear to be playable on iPhone 11. You stole my money. No way to buy anything at the store. Interface is all over the place and tiny. Just, doesn’t work.

Please scale this game, update it


This was a huge thing back when I had my iPhone 5C, it was the best game I had ever played but now after finding it again I can’t play it the same anymore, please update ir

Unplayable due to UI incompatibility


Unplayable on newer devices

great game but PLEASE update for iPhone 12!


i love this game but its unplayable on a full size screen. please update it!!



Doesn’t work, I did some reading and the devs are pretty fed up with it. Wish they’d delist instead of saying “we got the money already”



This game hasn’t been updated in three years so it needs more support for higher iPhone models. I think an update could bring this game back to it’s potential.

Game was really fun, can we update for newer phones?


Game was a blast on my iphone 6S. But with my newer Iphone, the UI is misplaced and screen icons too small. Still playable, but would be awesome if they could adjust the UI to current phone resolution. Otherwise I would give it a 5 star for fun.