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Ridiculous Fishing - A Tale of Redemption is paid iOS app published by Vlambeer vof



I’d wanted this game for a long time, so I finally bought it. It’s a COMPLETE scam. This is beyond disappointing. The shop doesn’t work and the UI is far too small to even be perceived by the human eye. Don’t buy it. It’s garbage.

Impossible to play on newer iPhones

Football Jones

I can’t purchase anything because the store is messed up on my iPhone 8 Plus and now my iPhone 12 max. I really would like to play this. Does anyone have a trick to how to purchase items?

Don’t buy!


I have just bought the game because I played on a different device and enjoyed it. The concept is great but I have an iPhone 8 plus and the format is awful it will not let me view anything or buy anything from the store it says I have no coins but I do I’ve tried deleting it and re-loading it turning off my phone and turning it back on it’s just awful I wish I could get a refund.

Good but...


This game is fun but I can’t buy anything in the shop and the buttons are small this game needs to be updated

pls update 4 love of all holy & good

pepper lou

god pls this game is it it’s where it’s at i’ll play it with a wonky misaligned ui missing buttons and words too tiny visuals etc idc. but i’d love to see it right & restored again god PLEASE it’s been too long PLZ UPDATE pls tysm

Update please


This is a great game. It’s needs an update so badly its almost impossible to play now as you advance in the levels. Please give this one an update or release a newer better version. If you keep making them I’ll keep playing them.

Used to be fun but needs an update


Don’t buy this game at this moment. It’s bugged and broken on many devices and needs an update.



The buttons are small, cannot buy things. Impossible to play or move on. This is happening on the most current ios system and a iphone 11. PLEASE FIX I LOVE THIS GAME AND WANT TO PLAY BADLY

No longer compatible


The UI has not been adjusted to modern iPhone causing it to hide essential buttons from reach. Can not proceed far. This game is nearly unplayable until UI updates are made.



This game wouldn’t let me buy anything from the shop?