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Ridiculous Fishing - A Tale of Redemption is paid iOS app published by Vlambeer vof



too short for what it is, they gave up adding new content as well

Gone fishing


Wonderful game that I’ve played over and over in the past, but it doesn’t work anymore. Tilting the phone doesn’t move the lure. Might be an issue with my phone? Idk.

apple needs to stop recommending this :/

Fried Noodles

the devs gave up on game making years ago and left this game to die. its unoptimized on new devices and is a broken mess. one star.



I played this awhile ago with my dad I redownloaded it and reset my data. This game if you know what you’re doing is about 3-4 hours long (if you cheat by changing time on your iPad/phone) But this brought me to tears... the ending just the memories from when I was younger. I know this haven’t been updated but it’s a lovely game with all heart poured into it. I would love a sequel even though that probably won’t happen. Thank you to the devs. And thank you to all the people who enjoy this game

Needs update


I have no idea why Apple decided to feature this app when it hasn’t been updated in 3 years. They just got my hopes up.

Amazing game, but doesn’t work on newer iphones


Great game, but the UI is broken on my 12 pro max. Please update to support bigger screens!

Comparability Update NEEDED BAD!


An excellent game, but it doesn’t support “plus” iPhones at ALL! Everything is either too zoomed out or to big!! On an iPhone 8plus and the fish are the size of breadcrumbs! Bro I’m begging you, just throw a quick compatibility update out and make this game playable! We beg you!

Dev is a hack


The sheer brass neck of keeping this game up to, by the devs own admission, fish money from idiots (like me) who expect a game on a marketplace to still work is astounding. Cannot believe this game gets advertised on the App Store homepage. I almost sympathize with his plight but his solution is complete trash. A real fool’s buy.

Please update!


This is one of my favorite games but it has ceased to work properly in the latest iPhone updates!


paided my ticket

You can’t upgrade anything I want my money back