Playdead's LIMBO Reviews

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Playdead's LIMBO is paid iOS app published by Playdead ApS

Play limbo first.


I started to play limbo right after I finished inside because I was absolutely amazed with the graphics and play style but I highly recommend that if you want to play inside play it after you play limbo. I hate to say how disappointed I am with the bugs with jumping. I guess I just feel a bit spoiled after playing inside first. Don’t make that same mistake.



This was fun back when it was actually a game with spiders and evil children and not hours upon hours of moving boxes and falling of cliffs!

One of the best games ever


I've played limbo hundreds of times on several platforms and i still enjoy it very much. I would happily play it again if I happen to see it playable on another platform. Thank you devs.

It met my expectations, and then some...

Mah Tee Ice

I am a game developer myself and while I will acknowledge that some of the art and graphics of Limbo inspired some that in my first game “Rubberband Stan,” I never actually played Limbo. I read reviews about it saying that the controls were frustrating at times but I did not experience that. In fact, I felt the controls for the iOS mobile version were nearly flawless for what the game is. You could even use just one finger (or thumb) if you wanted to—though it’s easier to use two. I do expect that this game has a very narrow target market. Basically, if you enjoyed games like “Another World” (also called “Out of This World”) or perhaps the very first “Prince of Persia” on PC, then this game is for you!! There were certainly times that I felt “stuck” and I eventually “cheated” by watching bits of walkthrough videos, but it was at no fault of the developers of the game—I was really just too lazy and/or impatient to figure things out. Overall, Limbo was a great experience and exceeded my expectations, which were high to begin with!!!!

Lack of control

Mr Orange Kitty

It’s too hard to control the character. You want to grab something but it takes 10 mins to get the character to grab it. It needs buttons. Badly.

Easy to get absolutely absorbed


This is a game that I enjoyed coming back to again and again, can’t wait to see what Playdead comes up with next.

Action Packed Strategy


My wife and I played it together and she would laugh her butt off every time I jumped or got a scare. Super smooth game, no glitches at all. Well made!

Too difficult


Some of the necessary maneuvers require control and timing that I cannot complete fast enough. I enjoy working out what it is I have to do, but I do not enjoy failing twenty or thirty times before I finally luck out.

One of the best


This game is by far one of the best I’ve played— it’s immersive and beautiful, striking to your visual and auditory senses. It’s challenging yet not impossible, making you think and explore. I loved it all the way to the fantastic ending, yet I’m sad it’s over. Brutal and gory at times, but forgiving in the end, I hope there’s more to come with these types of games

Fatally Flawed


Lack of controller support ruins a great game.