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Playdead's LIMBO is paid iOS app published by Playdead ApS


Matt from NYC

Can’t wait to see what this developer comes up with next! Lots of fun, great aesthetic. Thank you :)

Great game


Brilliant. The puzzles were fun and difficult. I am very intrigued by the game’s meaning. It was a great game. Surreal and poignant.

I like the game but...

mad revier

I like the game but the reason i gave four stars is that its hard to grab things because when you need to grab things quikly so you dont die its really hard to do it quik so i keep on dieing plz respond because its starting to get extremely annoying

Yap best gamm,eeee evffefvr


I loveee3fere thisiiii I gameme,kkakioooa

I almost cried


Bye the end of the game I almost cried without knowing if he died or not but it was just the best name

Game play is terrible


Atmosphere is great, but keep getting stuck trying to do something that should be really simple (crouching to push a bear trap). I play for enjoyment not to get frustrated. Life is frustrating enough not to get aggravated by a stupid game app.

Perfect if you hate yourself


This is a great game if you either hate yourself and want to die, or if your life is perfect and you have zero stress and want to be angry or upset. This is like sticking your head in a wasp nest for a spa treatment.

Phenomenal game


I have played this game when I was bored, I beat it after a while. It was amazing! I would seriously recommend downloading it! It brought me fun times where I could even understand what was happening. It was amazing game, I will checkout more by “Playdead” game studios.

Limbo is a reference in gaming, deservedly!


I felt compelled you write this after seeing the first review of the App Store competing the similarities between “Limbo” and “Unravel”. That’s clearly a review from a guy who for whatever reason played Unravel first. But let us be clear: Limbo isn’t “pushing Unravel further...” Limbo came out a full SIX years before Unravel! Which isn’t to say you shouldn’t play either game. They’re both great. And Limbo *continues* to be great after so many others that copied its beautiful and poetic visual style, the waltz of the sweet and the darkly violent elements that will shock you by its beauty, and horrify you through its poetry. Because really, there’s nothing there that’s truly graphically obscene, and there’s more violence in PG movies these days, one might argue. But the violence and dark elements of Limbo are a triumph exactly because it manages to remain poetic and tame enough to have wide appeal , but to also shock and terrify through its poetry; the shadows of what is suggested more creepy and brutal than what one actually clearly sees. And when you got that beauty and genre defining style in service of a very solid puzzler/platformer and story, you got yourself a treat you cannot miss. So if you haven’t yet had the pleasure of experiencing Limbo, do yourself a favor and start right now! You’ll be glad you did!

Amazing game. Annoying controls.


Great game best played not on mobile. Too many control issues will make you replay puzzles/sections.