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Playdead's LIMBO is paid iOS app published by Playdead ApS

Incredible game but it’s missing something important


The game’s theme, puzzles and gameplay are great but it’s not available on the Apple TV. This would be the thing that would make me give it 5 stars. INSIDE was ported to the Apple TV, so the knowledge about how to make this one available there is within the company.

Limbo is an amazing game


Limbo is a freakishly weird and also beautiful game and I beat it twice it’s so fun






Yet another game with no instructions or hints. I found a YouTube walkthrough helpful, and without it I would have been stuck very early on. As it happened I ended up stuck a little farther, when I arrived at a situation that, for me, was unplayable. No matter how beautiful or interesting a game is, if you end up at a scenario that you can’t get past even after 50, 60, or 70 tries, the game is no longer enjoyable, as it feels more like work than play.

Masterclass, Masterpiece, Work of Art


PlayDead’s Limbo is an example of game development we rarely see anymore. They’ve taken gorgeous art and animation, coupled with some of the most heart pounding yet subtle sound effects you’ve ever heard - only surpassed by those few previous moments when the score amplifies the situation. An entire story told without a single word or facial expression- and it’s done by leaving it up to the player. Never before have you felt like you personally are truly the one on Limbo. A perfect game.

Two boxes and a saw


This puzzle is pretty easy to understand but on an I pad there’s never enough time to slide things around before the. Saw gets you. On a Xbox or PlayStation probably easier. Other wise a great game if I ever get by the saw.

Impossible to pull cart


It’s impossible to grab and pull the cart in the beginning...I’ve google searched for tips and tricks—tried everything.

Pisses me off


This game seriously pisses me off. Either it’s my phone or the game developers. Either way, this game has insanely hard levels that are close to impossible. Why do you have to make it so annoyingly hard?! It’s good but you’re close to making me want to put my fist through the screen.

great puzzles and design, terrible gameplay


Absolutely gorgeous design. The puzzles are clever and creepy and good dark fun, but the controls are nowhere near sensitive enough to get through them. The challenges require precise timing and angles, and the controls just can’t keep up.

It is frustrating


But beating a level is sooooo furfilling