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Playdead's LIMBO is paid iOS app published by Playdead ApS

Controls are terrible


So much of the game depends on getting the character to do some action at the right moment and it never does what it is supposed to do. You need it to jump and it runs, you need it to pick up something an it jumps. So frustrating. It could be the greatest game ever, but until the game play is fixed it is just crappy.

Home Bar is distracting


Please make the home bar disappear on iPhone X. It is full screen, but the bar is still there at all times. Just not as bright

Less attractive then inside out


But still pleasant

Wonder(ful) game

Otto Von Bacon

Totally worth every penny..... it’s not a long game but the but the mechanics are great and the progression of difficulty is perfect for a great experience without getting frustrated. ??

Great game but spotty iPad control

Dan Simoneau

I’ve completed Inside several times in both the original and the alternate endings on my iPad Pro and was quite pleased with the touchscreen response. I just found Limbo and started playing. I’m almost at the end and my complaint is with the controls. Considering the limited number of controls to move the figure and interact with objects, I find the controls very inconsistent throughout the game. Tapping and sliding often do nothing or make the figure do opposite of what I’m doing. I’ve quit playing several times through control frustration. Hopefully, I’ll get through the entire path.

Abysmal Controls


Would be a fun, morbid game if the controls weren’t so awful. You sure you want to walk into that trap you just pushed around? Oh, jump? No. Would not recommend.

touch control on iPad mini 4, is absolutely horrible.

Megan 0571

tactile features for grabbing and maneuvers on an iPad mini are pathetic. I’m not the only person with this complaint. There are many. Greedy developers. They should provide refunds to people upon request for a game that is not providing what it is supposed to do efficiently. The game becomes tedious and all inspiration lost.

Terrible controls

Presto Cadenza

Giving up on this one 10 chapters in. The puzzles themselves are fun and challenging without being frustrating. The frustration comes from the controls. Really difficult to get the character to do what I want. And the friction from constantly dragging/holding is honestly painful. With a keyboard and mouse this game might be fun, but I’m not enjoying solving the puzzle — and then spending 15 more minutes trying to get the character to jump or grab correctly.

Movement control of character


The game is beautiful and atmospheric. Very interesting ‘think out the box’ challenges. Only gripe is the movement control of the character. Most times jumping to side is unresponsive and gets frustrating to keep repeating because the character won’t respond correctly.

Great game, horrible controls


I have died waaaaay too many times because I can’t grab something, or can’t let go of something, in a timely manner. This should be fixable.