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Playdead's LIMBO is paid iOS app published by Playdead ApS

Too challenging


I dislike this game because the part when you have a brain controlling thing on you and you have to some how get rid of it when you step on the pipe and the water starts to rise it’s in possible it can jump right off the ladder on the broken pipe what am I supposed to do?

A must play.


Unlike that other game “INSIDE” this one really makes you have to think. I love this game recommend 100%... this is a MUST HAVE on your device for sure.

love it.


It’s my first time to cry for a mobile phone game. When I control the boy meeting the girl, I hope to say “you never know what I experienced to see you. “ The primitives, spiders, traps reflect that the boy and girl had lived in forest for a while. The machines, electric saw, worm, flickering light shows that they were forced to work in a factory. The upside down world means the boys suffered in overwork, hunger, and illusion.

Not my cup of tea


I gave this 4 stars because there is obviously a lot of effort and love that went into this game. The art is nice, though it’s kind of subtly gory. However, if don’t like the idea that the game’s physics and possibilities are never clear, and so you just end up jumping from puzzle to puzzle without knowing what you’re even supposed to do, then stay away from this game. There are no hints, and then new ways of interacting with the world are constantly being introduced. So instead of actually solving a puzzle logically, you just end up trying to figure out what the game wants your solution to be. There is only ever one solution to each puzzle even though logically you could think of multiple ways to solve it if you were the protagonist yourself in real life. That might not be a problem if the game didn’t try so hard to illicit an anthropomorphic response. So it gets kind of frustrating that instead of thinking the problem through you just end up guessing what the game expects of you.

I love it but have a suggestion


This game has inspired me with so many new things! But one suggestion for the game is that he should be able to swim or at least float.I feel that it would at least give the player a bit more advantage when they fall in the water, and if they are able to swim there should be a depth level he can’t get past until he drowns

Tops the “Worst” list


Zero fun. Hard to maneuver. Don’t want to work this hard for a simple game

This game is phenomenal


I played this game a few years ago actually but I started playing it again recently, this game is filled with a sort of mystery that makes you crave for more, I had a great experience playing this game

Absolutely beautiful


Just play it. It work the few bucks.

Stop reading and buy it


This is exactly what games should be on the App Store, along with its sister game Inside. Great gameplay, tight controls, atmospheric settings with memorable scenes, intelligent gameplay with a little bit of mystery and personal interpretation, no ads, no pay wall , no add ones, pay once and you get a great game. Make more please. Thanks



I played I love the tone the style cool game and a boy you play as duhh I like it and it’s a good game and I love the game and the black and white style playdead did you play with the game the end is the boy’s sister ? raineewolfe