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Playdead's LIMBO is paid iOS app published by Playdead ApS

Not worth paying for


No fun, hard to use

Check points


The games art style and puzzles are good but the platforming and execution of puzzles is tough, but that would be fine if the checkpoints would be a little more often to appreciate the positive sides of the game and not being so caught up in rage and repeating a stage over and over again.

Great game


This is a fun and challenging game. My only complaint is that it is too short. I would love to see more of this game. Be sure to check out their other game, Inside.

My favorite game!


I got this game and immediately loved it. At first it looked like a kids game. Not that scary and fun. The first bear trap I got caught in I realized it wasn’t a kids game. Blood went everywhere. This game is violent but it makes dieing seem more terrible. But it is really fun. The puzzles aren’t too hard and they are fun. The spider scares me. He knockes you over and impales you. Watch out for him.

Games great


I admit, this game is pretty darn creepy, but I LOVE it. The concept design for this game is absolutely eerie and beautiful. This game (in my opinion) is in the top charts of best ges ever on the phone. The only small problem I have with this game is the way you move. I wish there was a small movement controller at the bottom so that you could control a bit better, but other than that this game is excellent

Amazing game. Terrible controls

The banana462

Definitely would be 5 stars if it wasn’t for the controls. Fantastic puzzles and animation and sound fx. More than half of the time I “died” it was because the controls would jump when I wanted to move, or move when I wanted to jump. Controls are insanely frustrating, but everything else is top notch.

Twisted Masterpiece


LIMBO is a amazing twisted puzzle game. You take the role of a boy in the woods, not knowing why you are there. I currently have played the entirety of the game 2 times, since I enjoyed it so much. The game is even beer with it’s element of creepiness. For example, in one part of the game you are wrapped up by a spider, and you have to escape. And then it chases you! It has you wondering every second what will happen next and having wanting to play more. I definitely recommend this, especially to people who love horror or puzzle games.

Terrible controls


I agree with all the reviews about the terrible controls. I enjoy the puzzles of figuring out what I need to do to keep moving forward, but when I have try many, many times to accomplish it- that just is not fun. Too bad, because it could have been an enjoyable game without that struggle.

Excellent Game. Sluggish Control .

Jus' Groovin'

I agree with many other reviewers: this is an excellent game. You are left to your own imagination to figure out what to do as you travel through Limbo. There are plenty of obstacles blocking your path. There are also optional ways available to get around them, if only you can discover them. This part is very enjoyable. Also, as others have mentioned, control is sluggish at times. Your finger on a touchscreen does not provide the positive control of a joystick, and there are many maneuvers that could benefit by that. I wish the gameplay was a little more forgiving because my finger's moisture level changes over time and I believe that affects the recognition of subtle inputs.



This is literally the best game ever.please make a second one!