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Playdead's LIMBO is paid iOS app published by Playdead ApS

Unnecessarily Frustrating

Magically Pretentious

I want to like this game. I foolishly took the plunge and purchased it. My main issue is the controls. Some games just don’t lend themselves to iPhone standard ui (touchscreen/swiping). My rage quits remind me of that hammer game I deleted. The one where the guy has a hammer and has to climb his way to outer space, and if you fall, you have to start all over again. Besides that it is very well made, I just can’t enjoy playing it.



This game is amazing it’s really worth the money

Good game. Terrible platform.


Terrible Terrible platform. The control is the worst on iPad, since the only control option you have is dragging your finger on the displays. You will run over things when you want to jump. And you will jump when you wanna swing. Just a extremely terrible platform implementation.

Extremely challenging - too much

Sarah Smash

I played Playdead’s INSIDE which I found very challenging but in a good way - was able to beat it without any walkthroughs and the puzzles were tough but fair. LIMBO is weirdly difficult and not intuitive right from the start, and while I love the graphics, I’ve downloaded and deleted the game several times out of frustration with the extremely touchy controls (jumping is half of the way to survive the game and it only works half the time) and non-intuitive puzzles. I’d love a follow up to INSIDE, and wish this game scratched that itch.

It’s trash

just like BTS

Worst game ever

Needed an improvement


The game is not bad, has its own charm, just that timing makes it terrible. I’m the guy who completed sekiro and souls games, but this game made me almost brake my phone... It was my first and last game of this type

Very 2 Dimensional game


It’s so good at the end but I also think the boy is possibly alive Maybe he had to camp and when he slept all the campers besides Him all others where captured by the spider (arachnid) and webbed into cocoons when he woke he saw not a single one So he decided to go and search for them (this game is so so 2 dimensional thx for 2D! I love 2D games!) To playdead From RaineeWolf (Story of LIMBO.) We get the role of a young boy who awakens finding not a person around. His journey begins. He soon finds dangers amongst this Forest. Those with arachnophobia (Arachnophobia) Are Scared This game will keep you on the edge of your chair ?for good He finds a girl who seems to be digging for some object. Ok i know it’s a little strange But then. The forests and caves transform to man made industrial Things. He discovers a rundown hotel. He risks being electrocuted by this Hotel sign because. It’s neon to. so he Has to escape this LIMBO like world for Good all from the girl. She looks as if she is his sister same height (The boy’s name) Pity



This game is amazing!! Cool but.... the controls are bad. There’s no visible joystick or grab button. And there is NO jump button! Which screwed me up multiple times. To jump you have to move your finger UP on the joystick. But... you CAN get used to it and have an Amazing experience!

No sound

Seriously, too many nicknames

I like the visuals and game play, but apparently there’s sound? I honestly thought the soundlessness was part of it, but apparently the sound is a big part of creating the aura. Very enjoyable game, but unfortunate to pay for a game and then only get part of the experience.



Wanted to love this game, but ended up deleting after about an hour of gameplay (before completion - no idea how long the game is). Here’s the deal: it’s gorgeous scenery and great concept, but really bad implementation. The puzzles are hard to solve without any clues or hints. It harkens back to Zack & Wiki model of try-and-die where you have to guess your way through these obstacles, jumps, pushing or pulling items you can’t even see, or else die trying and redo the whole thing over again. The controls could be fine, but lagginess means that you may or may not make that perfectly timed jump to move on. Further making things difficult are the random spikes and traps to kill you for no good reason. It’s pretty ruthless and not fun. That’s coming from a guy who loves puzzle and adventure games. Limbo is a huge miss for me. Totally overrated. Stick with Where’s my Water, King Rabbit or Plants vs Zombies.