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A powerful yet simple audio podcast player, with features such as Smart Speed, Voice Boost, and Smarter Playlists to help you listen to more podcasts in more places, try new shows, and completely control your experience.
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Now includes Apple Watch app, Glance, and notifications!

Note: Some features are locked or limited. The single "Unlock Everything" in-app purchase unlocks them all.

Overcast is a modern, fully featured audio podcast player with many useful features in a simple, intuitive interface:

- Download podcasts for playing anytime, even when offline.
- Search and browse for new podcasts, plus get recommendations from Twitter.
- Create custom Playlists with smart filters and per-podcast priorities, and rearrange the list whenever you want.
- Receive optional push notifications when new episodes arrive.
- Subscribe to a podcast, or just add an episode: try new shows without committing.
- Download podcasts over cellular, set a sleep timer, or use Voice Boost to enhance and normalize speech volume. (Included in Unlock Everything.)
- Adjust playback speed, and use Smart Speed to pick up extra speed without distorting the conversation. (Included in Unlock Everything.)
- Navigate with CarPlay. (On supported car radios.)
- Apple Watch app, Glance, and notifications


Playback problem

I was just starting to adapt to this app after switching from another I’d used for years, when I started to experience a stuttering of the sound on playback. Anyone else having this same experience? There are things I like a lot about the app, even if I didn’t find it initially intuitive. However, this issue makes use of the app impossible.

Great features

Wonderful podcast app with great functions for enhancing speed of playback.

5 Stars

I listen to a lot of podcasts and so have looked around for the best platform— this is it.

Works great with CarPlay

Switched over from Downcast. Easy to use. Love how fast it loads the episode feed. Works great with CarPlay.

The Standard Bearer
Jack Phoenix

The most realizable, intuitive, and best maintained podcast app. No others need exist. It streams well, it organizes your subscriptions well, it has a search function that has yet to fail me, and it’s active development means that every iOS update comes with a prompt and stable app update.

It’s Almost Perfect

Some of the features (like smart speed) are great. The only thing missing (a big one for me) is the ability to quickly mark multiple episodes as unplayed, or the ability to NOT skip played episodes. Right now it is time consuming to set up shows I’ve slept through the night before.

Good but
Ben (cant find a nickname not

Good app, way better than the Apple native for sure. Only complaint is the search feature, there isn’t one. If you want to find a specific podcast episode you have to scroll through a podcasts history to find it. Seems like a no brainer.

Try another one.

Downloaded the app and found all of my favorite podcasts. Easy to operate, however the app crashed after listening for about ten minutes. Tried a second time with same results. Tried at another time with a different podcast, same thing. Three strikes, your out. Deleted the app and moving on.

Best podcaster

Been using for a three+ years. Not so bad. Go for it

I like Overcast

The ads are mostly ads for podcasts you might like anyway and not noticeable or obtrusive. The layout is pared down and useful while giving basic info about each episode and links to the website page of the podcast so you can find out more (most of the time). I don't know who is the Overcast demographic but the selects Overcast features for each category of interest is helpful. The previous apps I've used didn't have this quality of selection. I actually bothered to click on "write a review" b/c they promise not to auto-ask. Nice honor system they deserve recognition for. A few things that could make the interface even more friendly -- --It would be cool to have an option to search for topics within podcasts, not limited to podcast titles or ones that have been keyworded(I don't know if that's a thing, I'm assuming). If searching for a specific book, or topic of controversy, I go through all the podcasts I subscribe to and scroll though to around when I think they might cover the topic and it ends up being pretty ad-hoc and concentrated to the beginning of the alphabet. I might be missing something, but maybe there's a way to search within podcast episodes. --when I pin something, which I do for reference, the icon is always an Overcast icon. I realize that is good for the company but it would be nice to have some distinguishing feature to the link like with normal links. --how to navigate from current episode to the podcast 'home' page within Overcast so I can see the other ones easily. Maybe there's a shortcut I don't know about. What I love about this is you can share the episode at a current time. I can take notes by sharing the Overcast timestamped link to my Drafts app and write while I'm listening or save certain points I want to revisit. Maybe other apps have this now but the previous app. which was the premium version, didn't, and Overcast does at a basic level. (This is not to discourage anyone from the premium option. I returned to podcasts recently so I'm figuring out the lay of the land on a basic level. I've had Overcast for a year though and am happy with it enough to write this!)