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At Nest, we make products that are beautiful, thoughtful and easy to use. Same goes for our newly redesigned Nest app.
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Control your Nest Learning Thermostat, Nest Protect, Nest Cam and Dropcam all in one place. And get alerts on your iPhone or iPad.

Nest Learning Thermostat
The thermostat that programs itself to help you save energy.

- Adjust the temperature on your way home. Or from the couch.
- See how much energy you used and why. The more you know, the more you can save.
- View and edit your thermostat schedule.
- Get extreme temperature alerts before your pipes freeze or your pet overheats.
- Earn Leafs when you choose a temperature that saves you energy.

Nest Protect
The smoke and carbon monoxide alarm that thinks, speaks, and alerts your phone.

- Get an alert if Nest Protect senses smoke or carbon monoxide. Or if the batteries are low. (Requires Wi-Fi and working Internet connection)
- Hush an alarm from your phone with App Silence. (Nest Protect 2nd gen)
- See the status of your batteries, sensors and Wi-Fi connection.
- Run a Safety Checkup to test all your alarms at once – without using a ladder. (Nest Protect 2nd gen)
- Get “What To Do” instructions during a smoke or CO event.
- See your Safety History so you know when alerts happened and why.

Nest Cam & Dropcam
The Wi-Fi video camera that lets you see your home on your phone.

- Set it up on your phone. It should only take a minute. Literally.
- Stream securely day or night. And see your home in super clear 1080p HD (Nest Cam only).
- Get alerts when there’s motion or sound while you’re away.
- Talk and listen through the Nest app. Hear the baby cry. Or tell your dog to get off the couch.
- Rewind to see what you missed when you subscribe to Nest Aware with Video History.

Some features require a working Internet connection, Wi-Fi and/or Bluetooth.
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The accessibility

I enjoy the access I have to the best on my Phone for my digital padlock and the Thermostat


Always feel safe

It really doesn’t learn

I would be better off with a programmable thermostat because it would at least adjust the temp at certain times of the day and night. I am going into the app and adjusting multiple times a day. Not sure exactly why this is supposed to be a benefit.

Door bell

I have been getting the run around Regarding my door bell that stopped working for more than a month that I am aware of. I have called in for technical assistance and spoke to 4 different technicians and have gotten 4 different explanations as to what’s going on with the bell . I was taken through processes troubleshooting and nothing worked. The first person I spoke with told me that I need to call in an electrician I did but he didn’t find anything wrong after checking everything out he informed me that it was the door bell itself. They all promised to look farther into it and call back but I didn’t get a call from either of them. This is very hard to understand. Not sure how long it’s been since the bell has been out due to pandemic I don’t have any one coming by and I don’t use the door but the garage to exit to come and go. Please I need assistance the Coustomer service is hard to deal with plus the initial waiting time is 45 minutes to an hour.

Not impressed
big titty T

Camera is almost useless. Won’t capture video of people coming to you door unless your a monthly subscriber. Newer cameras are hitting the market and you don’t need a monthly subscription to use what you paid for to work properly. I will be switching.

Nest app

The app is pretty good and I usually use it to control my thermostat. The main glitch is that often the history is out of date days or even weeks sometimes. Also there’s no refresh button to make it fetch the history when it’s out of date.

Nest App
Bill L. E.

I have used Nest products for several years. Have always been happy with their quality and ease of use. Ever since Google bought them, the quality of service has absolutely declined. My latest experience was with the Nest Hello doorbell. The app walks you through the installation process, which is well laid out. Connecting to the network is another matter. It tries to connect to another device, which in my case did not exist. Really. The screen shows the doorbell and the “assisting device,” again which does not exist. Needless to say, it does not connect. Is there an option to enter the wifi network info manually? No, that would be too logical and easy. Maybe allow me to choose the assisting device (I have an ourdoor Nest cam). Sorry, that is not an option either. By the way, if you have to try and “install” the device again via the app because it did not connect on the first try, you have to go through the ENTIRE installation process again (even though it is physically installed and functioning). There is not option to jump from scanning the device and trying to connect. Another great app design feature. After reading some info on the Google “community” I learned that this is a common problem and has been for some time. Apparently Google is not too concerned, or the problem likely would have been solved by now. I also spent an hour in chat trying to solve the problem. That is an exercise in masturbatory mayhem. Reset your doorbell, reset your Bluetooth, reset your router, reset your mobile device. If that doesn’t work reset them all again. Needless to say, I got nowhere and the doorbell is nothing more than a hi-tech looking gadget on my front door. The bell rings, but the camera does not function. Good job Google! I will be removing it and replacing it with the 79¢ button which gives me more functionality and less frustration.

Average Joe
Jr miller sr

Easy to install with tool provided. Very easy video description of installation.

Don’t like ECO turning off heat
lilly home

My dog is alway home so like to keep heat on but it keeps going back to ECO even after I turned it off

Selective security since Google took over. Very suspicious for a security camera/firm for sure.
pehn chord

Camera always seems to not record after 1am. Why is this?? Selective security? Part of some crime spree? I am curious. Every single day since Google took over

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