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Meta Business Suite is free iOS app published by Meta Platforms, Inc.

Will not let me use


I have pages on my iPhone but it will not allow me any access to my business page. I have tried several times to delete the Pages app and then upload it again but i continue to have the same issue, it just says "something went wrong" or "the page you requested cannot be displayed right now. It may be temporarily unavailable, the link...." This is frustrating because I respond to people regarding my business most of the time on my phone.

Sending messages always a problem

Unicorns and shizz

I love that it's a free way to advertise my business but I always have problems with responding to messages. They never go through or appear unless I shut down and restart the app several times. Very frustrating.

There's a little mistake


Hi there! There is something that you should know! It is a great app to manage pages! But there's something missing! I can't comment or react as a user! i can only do all that as a page! Please fix that! Thanks Best regards

Will not download


The app refuses to download to my phone. I had to uninstall due to constant crashes and would not notify you of comments or messages. Fix this so that we don't look like we are ignoring people!

Immediate crash in iPad


Works fine on my iPhone 6, but crashes immediately on my iPad Air. Deleted and reinstalled, but same issue. Running current iOS 9.3.1

Pages feed would be nice


Can't access the news feed for the page that I manage.

What happened??

Trains aim

I can't keep the app open for more than 3 seconds before it crashes every time!!!!!! Fix the issue already!!!!



150mb is too much for an add-on app

No ability to hide comments from app


As a page manager, one must go log onto a computer to hide comments. This app allows you to delete comments and ban users... Why not hide? This is super inconvenient and I am getting sick and tired of Facebook.



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