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Meta Business Suite is free iOS app published by Meta Platforms, Inc.



I think they should also have a poll option on this page app. I would like to be able to ask my customers through a poll which products they prefer than others! JMO!

Love it!


I love this app. It has simplified managing my business page on the go.

Crashed in iOS 9.3.1


Crashed on iOS 9.3.1

Thanks for removing the sound fx

matt the hobbit

Love the option to turn off in app sndfx. Much better without all those whistles and beeps



Offers absolutely nothing extra

"Scheduled" posts don't post


Although I can schedule posts, they aren't posting any more so I have to hit the "post now" button.

Slow notifications and frustrating


Some of the notifications are slow to arrive when messages from users. It would be nice to NOT have to toggle between FB apps but think it's just best to stay with the original FB app.

So many problems lately.


I can't upload 10 second videos. Am wifi connected and have reinstalled app. Video file is small so it shouldn't be a problem. Can no longer share to page from profile to my most popular page. So many glitches.

Can't paste. Useless app


Can't paste links of things I want to share. Waste of time and space this app. Do not get.

Does not work with iPhone 6 S plus


Bought this bigger phone specifically because I have tons of clients that I do social media for. (And I wanted to do it on a bigger screen). And this app does not work on this phone. It does work on iPhone 5. But very disappointing that it doesn't work for iPhone 6s+. And nobody says anything on any review boards or even Facebook about the situation. I know that it's just not my phone because several of my employees and friends can't access their information from this app either on the specific phone. So my very first review ever deserves this one. I'm sure that they will come up with an update but my staff and I use these phones and it doesn't work at all. Even Facebook Ads app doesn't work. But that's another review at a later time. Have a good day everybody.