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Meta Business Suite is free iOS app published by Meta Platforms, Inc.

No more copy link


There use to be a way to copy a link to your page, but now it's nowhere to be found. Please bring it back.

Has gotten worse


Still no app notifications. Really disappointing

Messaging problem


When you answer a message and want to go back to other messages,it forces you to press the button not like other versions just by swiping.


Bt American Eagle

Can not upload video from camera roll. They show up for a nanosecond then disappear. We use this feature ALL the time please fix

Removed major feature with latest update


With the September 13th update the tab to manage comments is now gone! This was a HUGE feature of this app. Hoping it's a glitch but either way please bring this back. There seems to be less and less reasons to use this app versus the regular FB app.

What ?


What is this thing supposed to do ?? All I see is false notices to check on notification that aren't there. Get if free. Cause the real market value is LESS THAN ZERO. COWABUNGA my friends !



I think that FB is become too invasive! Why all the apps? Why can't the messages just come to my regular messenger app???

Not good


App crashes, can't use

Can't post to the album


The latest update has taken the ability to post photo albums. There is no option for albums anymore. If you post more than a few pictures they show up on the wall. How annoying!



What's up with the insights section? It's almost as if you didn't want us to see any specific numbers. Bring the old back insights back!