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Meta Business Suite is free iOS app published by Meta Platforms, Inc.

It's ok for what it is


Not very impressed. It still seems buggy. Honestly don't like the updates that just say "bug fixes". I haven't noticed speed improvements or reliability improvements. That always means they have something to hide!!! Remember that.


Fantasia Veneziana

Pubblic page and private profile are mixed and crazy , I can't read my page messages !!! Separate like before was !!!

Here we go again, Facebook.


Facebook, you really want to know why people are rating this as a 1-star app? Simple. LACK OF FEATURES. I've sent in tons of feedback of feature requests and they have yet to be added. I'm surprised this app is even functioning yet it lacks features as a Page Manager would need. Get your act together, Facebook. Quit releasing new updates just to clear out bad ratings. Its obvious. You refuse to acknowledge all feedback as well as addressing bugs that still exists in these weekly updates. Why is the app getting larger? Certainly, you are adding useless code to make the app feel bloated.

Sounds off!


Please let the sound off setting work! I can't stand the constant sounds. It used to work several versions ago but last few updates leave sounds on. Turn it off!

Where is video?


This app is decent but I'm baffled that, given Facebook's video focus, there's no way to navigate to all of a page's video in one spot. It makes no sense. In the regular Facebook app it's no problem so this is baffling. Otherwise it's a pretty good app, easy to manage your pages and see quick stats on posts. I do think insights should be deeper. The offering now is so superficial that it's mostly useless.

Fix the messages


Still after multiple updates the message inbox is faulty. Do not get notifications of new messages and the inbox does not refresh unless you completely shut down the app and restart. It affects you response rating because of this

Finally -- ability to turn off the sounds


Thank you for giving users the ability to turn off the in-app sounds. They are so annoying. Now the app immediately gets more stars from me.



The only way to describe this app is simply frustrating. The new update has ceased to give me notifications when people reacted to my posts, and when people reacted to posts? That doesn't show in my stats for that post. How do I know that the rest of the stats are real? Yet, the "Boost your posts!" is still there, and effectually block me from even seeing things. Thanks, Facebook, for not allowing me to schedule posts off your app with your update as well! I guess managing on the regular Facebook app and on my laptop are going to be the way I function until this app gets fixed.



Is there really any need that you must make us pay for our post to get anywhere? It's a shameless move considering you get a LOT of ad revenue 24/7. Some page creators would kill to get their post out to the masses but the post reach remains at 17 people because the poster is simply poor and barely makes it by in life. You probably won't listen to any of this review but just please get rid of the boost post option and let people who like the page see posts first no matter what. If they don't like it, they can either unfollow or unlike.

Useful.. Sorta

Mark Devin

I try to utilize this app a lot more to keep up to date with my music page. The biggest problem I'm having is the Edit Page section. I moved from Tucson AZ to Houston TX and can't even update my city. It's been this way for over 6 months.