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Infinity Blade is paid iOS app published by Epic Games, Inc.


millisy the elegant physician

Love this game since the moment I played it. Please epic, release more games like these. I like Fornite but I think it’s time for you to work in a new awesome game like Infinity blade

Hit registration


The hit registration is bad and the dodge bouton barley works

Best sword fighting rpg I have ever played


I like how there are tons of different enemies.There are tons of items that makes it very fun trying to unlock all of them. It’s so satisfying when you kill the deathless king. I just think it’s a really good game.

Very little complaints!


I’ve had this game for quite some time and I fall in love with it every time that I play it. The graphics are quite amazing and the gameplay is even better. It does take some getting used to the controls, but what game doesn’t make you learn their particular style? Anyways, worth every penny. Keep it up guys!



7 years ago I bought this game and still love it. Really excited game

No need for WiFi!


This game is amazing, responsive, and you don’t need WiFi to play it. So fun, and I can’t wait to play the others!

Please fix!


Whenever you achieve a dodge break and swing, it will glitch into thinking you missed a parry

Lots of fun


It sort of feels like a mobile souls game

Not bad.


Great game



Good!I Like