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5/5 rating based on 224 reviews. Read all reviews for Infinity Blade for iPhone.
Infinity Blade is paid iOS app published by Epic Games, Inc.

Love this game


I love it dab dab

5 stars this was my childhood


honestly, going through i ended up almost killing him first play and honestly i got chills.

Impossibly good game champions!!👌👍😊

the 1 review men

I really wouldn’t like how hardcore it is on bloodline 2, but I really really love challenges, especially when it’s a video game 🎮 because the challenges are pretty hard to beat!

Awesome Awesome Awesome


Everything is awesome about this game! Gameplay, graphics, sound, and story. Small issue is when the sound fx gets messed up if the game gets interupted like, hitting the home button and coming back to the game, or popup phone announcements (like low batt - yup I drain my phone for playing too long cuz this game is Awesome!)



Love this game, but it needs to be updated for iPhone X. Please update it please??



Simply put. It's dope.


Mr. Poopie head lol

This is not what I thought it was I want my money back otherwise cool

Fun game


It's repetitive but for the age of the game it has really good animation and graphics. I consider it old school now considering I first played it on a IPhone 4 but it is addicting but one you can play and not be forced to spend money. Just time

Good but some sound errors

Alex Choi15

It keeps messing up sound system when I slide up task bar or do something else, which should not happen, as a person who has played since early 2010s, I love the game.

Great Game but...


This game is a very great game I have played since it first came out but it needs an update the sound keeps going out witch when it happens I have to restart the app but other then that’s I love the game:)