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Infinity Blade is paid iOS app published by Epic Games, Inc.

Great game


I got this game a long time ago, and I wasn’t disappointed then and I’m not disappointed now. Great replay ability and great story. I should play the other 2 now.

Great alternative to any rpg and action game app

Lucky not me

I truly enjoyed this game and feel I had my money’s worth returned twice fold. I could play this without needing WiFi and I didn’t have multiplayer forced on and me and, more importantly, I only had to purchase the game to get straight to the fun without any in-app purchases; however I did freely make an in-app purchase in order to show my support for a game that isn’t nickel and dime-ing me while forcing multiplayer (with its toxic or griefing or money whale players). I already have IB2 and I am lucky to have this game on my phone! This is an example of what games should be: pay once, let it be single player, in-game purchases are really optional( not needed to win or enjoy the game), and extensive game life (I have lots of days logged on this game).

This is a hell of a good game


I have played this game many of times and still really enjoy it

Infinity Blade


Still one the best games on the Apple Store since its release...

That’s it?


Love the concept, graphics etc. but its Too short of a game.

This has aged well


I enjoyed this when it first came out and I decided to buy it again all these years later. Still great.



This game is amazing addictive and awesome. It is pretty brutal so 12+ but it is very fun. The only thing I do not like about it is that you can not pick up enemy’s weapons when you kill them but besides that it is almost perfect.

Read for improvement


Awesomely beautiful and action packed get used to stunning visuals 2 complaints 1 there is a wrong way to try to win 2 they use the same animations for executions for different weapons

Great game. Bugs in current version.

Bob Veela

Pausing the game on an iPhone 7 (11.4 OS) mutes the sfx, even after resuming. Music still plays fine.


meme my bean242