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Infinity Blade is paid iOS app published by Epic Games, Inc.

Infinity blade


Awesome Game

Sweet as hell


Best mobile sword fighting action game I've played. Instant classic!

One of the best games I've ever played.


This game runs perfectly on my old iPhone, and I love it!

I'm the last reviewer in a while...


I'm laughing right now cause I just saw that this game hasn't gotten any reviews since 2012, I know you guys are done with this one but I just wanted to post this cause I enjoyed the game when it first came out and I wanted to just post something here for laughs. If anyone actually sees this who works at Chair entertainment then I hope this made you laugh too, thanks again!

Only one problem


SFX volume bug, I can't hear the characters voices or any noises for that matter. Only background music, any suggestions?

So fun!


I am downloading now, but I played on my cousin's iPad while on vacation and it was super fun, even though a little hard to get started (when you aren't starting at the begining)

Great game, FREE, and NOT pay to win


It's a short campaign but the bloodlines get more difficult and the monsters level up each bloodline. You can buy gold in the store for money or you could earn gold by killing monsters or selling equipment. That's pretty much the only service they offer for money. All of the gear you can get. 5 stars indeed.

Pretty good

Marc dederfrftg

I thing they should as is sounds like talking and alot of other things

Bad controls make it in playable

Greyhounds gh

Waste of money don't buy it

Just wow...


This is like the best game I have ever played. It's so fun and my heart was beating so fast when I fought the king that's how I know I love this game (: