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Infinity Blade is paid iOS app published by Epic Games, Inc.



This is a bad game to start with the graphics are bad and the play style is so bad

2018 Just purchased Trilogy


I had hoped this would be migrated to hand held devices the first time I played it in its full-sized arcade form. I am not disappointed. Gameplay is smooth, a great challenge and I’m on my “6th Generation Bloodline” in the first of the three games. Would love to see this migrated to Android platforms and linkable via FB so I could play it on any device. I suspect the graphics are even better on a tablet. So I’m looking forward finishing this chapter (eventually I’ll earn enough coins (500k) to purchase) and moving on to the last two chapters.



That’s all I can say




Great game


Well paced, interesting, and gameplay is simple and fun.

Best mobile game I have played by far


Only mobile game that could really hold my attention for long.



Ver gud

Is it just me??

Santa Peter

I have played through three times now and I can only find five different fights before I have to face the final Boss. He is 45 levels above me. I die. This is not my idea of fun.

Fortnite makers


Same people who made fortnite

Always Been a Fan ( BruhMonJee )


I’ve played this game when it was only Infinity Blade. Now there’s 3 Infinity Blade games and I’ve loved every one of them. I consider myself a Master at Infinity Blade because of the hours I’ve put in and the success in game I’ve gained over the years of playing and yet the game never seems to grow old. There are so many customizable options for players to choose from and true competition between you and the Ai Enemies you face in battle. Realistic fighting, sounds, and effects past the powers, Strategy for Days, and lots and lots of fun to be had. My only suggestion for future installments to the Infinity Blade Series is an Online Option. To be able to challenge friends to this would be amazing. 5 Stars ✨ - BruhMonJee (DJ, Gamer, Entertainer and Reviewer on: SOUNDCLOUD - Twitter - Tumblr - Instagram - Snapchat - AGORA - Wishbone - Pinterest - iTunes/App Store Reviews/Community - Game Center - XBOX/XBOX Market Place Reviews/Club - STEAM/PC Community --- Connect with me on Hempire by looking up BruhMonJee at the community terminal at the Cafe or just find me on any of the sites listed above and send me a message.