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Infinity Blade is paid iOS app published by Epic Games, Inc.

Bugs but still good


The sound was wrong only the music was playing and the sound effects bar does nothing no talking no fighting noises.

Overall ok


The game series is amazing, however this was a let down the graphics were all over the place, the sound is horrible, the trama makes no sense, the mechanics are off on the contrary to the version 3, the only silver lining I can find is that the other versions specially the third one is a lot better than this version

Waste of money


Complete waste fezzes after the 2nd fight.

Pretty good. But not flawless.

Can't afford a free sample...

Cons: Textures seem weird to me but graphics are pretty good for an 8 year old game I’ve had moves and swipes not come out, be misinterpreted, or just get me killed a few times. Pros: Game loop is fun. Fight, Level up, die, repeat. Challenge escalates nicely and I like the hidden treasures in cutscenes. Enemy animations and difficulty are also pretty good and ramp up to give a good sense of challenge and escalation. Graphically the game is pretty stunning at times.

Hella good game


Most fun iPhone game I’ve played in so long

Amazing game


When I first looked at this game, I was skeptical, because most games of this sort have confusing story lines and controls. But after play it for awhile, I could tell this was not that type. Infinity blade has fantastic graphics, powerful story line, and easy controls. It was definitely worth the dollar, and can’t wait to play the sequels.

Very hard Bloodline*2.

Globalstandard Space

But! I like this. Cause very simple game system and! Characters don’t speak English! “Hartliai.” First character say that. What are you speaking language? That’s good point. I like this.

Not overly impressed.


So fo a tablet the graphics are great , but other than that what’s the big deal. Utterly boring, repetitive, limited game play . No real progression to the story or different areas. Very small closed world with few options.

Awesome Game

Jimmy 12345243935


Good game and worth it


Easy to grasp and fun to play!