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Infinity Blade is paid iOS app published by Epic Games, Inc.

Fix Graphics


The graphics for the iPhone 8 are terrible on this game while compared to my brothers 6s graphics which happen to be amazing. I don’t know why this is but please fix because it really does look terrible.


Liam McManly

The visuals are stunning, and it’s a very skill based game. The only issue I have is that I wish the dodge buttons were bigger, since I tend to miss the buttons a lot. XD

A childhood favorite


As the title states I grew up with this game from when I first got my iPod 4th gen and when this game came out I immediately fell in love. I spent many summers playing the game in the car or just in general. Truly a great game and one that you can come back to and still enjoy time and time again.



Good game. But poor graphic and do not support iPhone X. And Otherwise It is a good game. Try to improve it and I will give full star.



I used to play this game so much a long time ago. Had an itch for it and got it again. But the sound is messed up! I can only hear it with headphones in and not all the sound is present! Just the game music. No dialogue, sfx, nothing! What do I do?

Fort nite creators?!!


I had no idea fortnite had mobile games and that is so sick I hope this game is really great

Pretty Pretty


Nice graphics and good combat system. Kind of short though. There’s unlockable content though so that’s good.

One of my all time favorite games


Love this game so much

Still holds up


Would like a console port!


beastlygunner is my pixel gun

The game and story are really good it really makes you think in one spot but after the game is done it is truly disappointing