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IFTTT - Automate work and home is free iOS app published by IFTTT Inc

Amazing, but could be so much more.

Caliber flagged January

Developers need to sit down and start making this so much more. it could be so much more

Can’t Update From iOS Text Messages


I’d really love to be able to pull iOS text messages for a particular contact, from my iPhone into my Day One Journal, but I cannot even do that, because the iOS Messaging app is not a supported service. I’d give 5 stars if that capability could be created!! There also is not an easy way to contact support. Help pages just create a never ending loop.

USED to be a great app


I really wish this app worked even half the time. I had it connected to my Blink cameras but now it won’t work and just asks for my login information over and over again . It never connects.

Not reliable, basic features used as subscription bait


It seems to work less than half the time for me and the features I really wanted require a monthly subscription. After waffling for months I decided to give it a try, only to be met by the requirement of upgrading to yet an even more expensive subscription to access the features that took me to the original subscription signup. A subscription at any level should unlock at least some level of detailed use, not just the ability to create more useless applets that don’t provide enough parameters. Very poor app marketing.

Doesn’t recognize my litter box, glitches daily


Requiring me to turn it off every single night manually and back on every single day when I wake up. But no longer works. Livid. This is why I purchased thousands of dollars worth of tech, so I could have a clean floor with 3 cats and a robotic litterbox.

Will not let me login


I can’t get anything to sync with this. Was ready to purchase pro but I can’t even log into SwitchBot or iRobot here but it logs in flawlessly through their apps and websites. Definitely not what everyone made it out to be

Always sending incorrect reading


Doesn’t work properly.

Over priced


I wish IFTTT would offer multiple tiers of subscription. The rates they offer are too high for how I would use it. Unfortunately I have yet to find an alternative.

Launched Pro, Stopped helping free users

PM :) :)

Ever since the IFTTT team launched Pro plans, their support never helps free users. Frequent authentication errors between services and have been posting questions to support for over 6 months, but haven't heard anything.

Excellent productivity features


I like working with MyQ