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IFTTT - Automate work and home is free iOS app published by IFTTT Inc

Won’t open


Does the splash screen then crashes, disappears, usable.



Isn’t working correctly

No widget support?!

T Whitt

How is it possible that you guys don’t have widget support yet?

Such a shame


What used to be a great app and service is now totally commercialized and not useful at all in the free version.

The only choice for the trigger sunrisesunset.org is sunset. No option for sunrise


The only choice for the trigger sunrisesunset.org is sunset. No option for sunrise. So this whole app is basically useless for that trigger.

The One Thing

c hoffman

The one thing I needed it to do it wouldn’t do - link my iOS reminders to Alexa.

No longer worth it

jory ridenhour

This app was great when it allowed me to keep track of my music in monthly playlists on Spotify. It once it lost that feature it was useless.


Distorted Visionz

Great app offering a variety of useful immediate solutions

Ever since I started paying the fee, it's no longer reliable


IFTTT quit supporting free use of what I needed so I decided to subscribe. Now, I am constantly having a recipe not trigger. So disappointed in the app. REVIEW 2: I'm still a bit sore about the no support thing but the app is working now and it's a daily user for me. PREVIOUS REVIEW: The app was wonderful... while it worked. For two to three weeks the recipes triggered as advertised. But for no reason apparent to me, it quit responding to location based recipes. I used the email support three times and never got a reply.

Why should I need to pay?


This is total crap.